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   Chapter 336 People Always Have Weaknesses (Part One)

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"Have you finished?" Chason closed the file in his hand and calmly asked Larry, who was standing in front of him and was about to drink water to moisten his throat.

"Yes, I'm done." Larry drank all the water in the bottle he held in one breath and nodded.

"Well, go and write 20 pages of the cooperation analysis report about the J Group and the Gu family. Give it to me tomorrow." Chason looked at Larry, who was swallowing the water, and said, "Remember, A4 paper, font size 5 ." The CEO said to Larry with a smile.

"Ptui! Ahem, ahem, ahem... " Larry, who was trying to distinguish something, suddenly coughed.

"Well, if there is nothing else, you can go and write it." Chason kindly reminded the man who had coughed up tears in front of him.

'You deserve it!'.

At the same time, Mindy tried to communicate with the loser in front of her.

"What do you mean?" Hearing that his female companion was asking about Chason, even if as dull as Simon, he could tell that she was against him.

"What else could I mean?" Mindy asked, "Didn't you say that supervision and management of the Jiang Group is a trouble? As a secretary, my duty is to help you solve problems. "

As for how many private accounts were transferred to her account in the name of Simon, no one knew better than her.

"That man is famous for being persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. Don't confront him face to face." Thinking of his nephew's cruel means, Simon was a little afraid.

Hearing this, Mindy felt helpless in her heart. "Why should we fight against the Jiang Group? I haven't seen Mr. Chason before. It's up to you whether to cooperate with the Jiang Group to advance the work or not."

"You are right." Simon pretended to underst

for publicity." Anna wouldn't admit that a piece of wheat cake was better than the cake she had carefully baked.

But obviously, as a friend, Claire didn't intend to comfort her hypocritically, "But their shop is so busy now. On the contrary, you have time to take a walk with a pregnant woman as me."

In fact, Claire was very grateful to Anna for this. But because of such a touching relationship, she hoped that her friend would not give up.

"Well, that's why you took advantage of that shop." Anna retorted relentlessly.

The two women made faces to each other and then laughed heartlessly. Passers-by beside the bench saw the happy smiles of the two people and could not help but smile.

"Are you really going to let the business of your shop go on like this?" Claire asked the question she was a little worried about. She knew how much Anna valued her shop.

"No." The owner of the bakery, who was a little out of breath with a smile, denied, "In summer, people's demand for desserts like cakes has been weakened." She paused and didn't forget to tease the pregnant woman for a while. "Why should I worry about it with people like you exist?"

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