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   Chapter 335 Poor Larry (Part Two)

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The girl also found that her slip of tongue was seen through, and she didn't even dare to explain again. She stood up and left dejectedly.

"Oh, honey, who made you unhappy?" After playing for a long time, Simon went back to Mindy, naked, and stretched out his arms to hold Mindy's waist.

Mindy didn't dodge, but she pretended to be a dutiful secretary and said, "Mr. Simon, be careful not to catch a cold. I'm going to get you some clothes to change."

Just now, she heard the complaint of Simon, and she was a little afraid of the Jiang Group. In the future, it was safer for her to hide behind him.

"My honey is always considerable." Simon followed her out of the hall and went to the corner of the hall to change clothes in a private room.

"You drank so much." After closing the door, Mindy picked up the crystal glass bottle on the round table in the room, poured some lemonade, and then took out the club's dry and ironed clothes, ready to change for Simon.

"I'm so angry today." He was convinced by his secretary, because after all, she was the one who did many accounts. She was smart and capable. In the eyes of Simon, Mindy was indeed a good business partner.

"Anyway, the Jiang Group has returned half of the contract. Why are you angry?" She buttoned up the shirt for Simon and said, "I saw there are three companies of logistics and design. They are sure to make money."

She hasn't read the contract carefully yet, she only had a quick glance at it. After signing the contract, Simon took her to the club to play cards, drink and relax.

"It doesn't matter if we make money or not. But the Jiang family has the management right. We just get a bonus." Simon said discontentedly.

"Let's just sit here and count the money." She was still a little afraid of the Jiang Group's management. She didn't want to get into

endent on us totally." This was his original idea, but before explaining it to Chason in detail, Chason directly rejected, reminding him to change the direction.

"Judging from the current situation, you are still wise." Larry said with lingering fear, "Now the Mo family is crazy. They keep an eye on Zhao family tightly. I think if it goes on like this, the two families will fight sooner or later."

Chason raised his head and looked at the secretary standing in front of him. He was about to scold the secretary who was talking about Mo family's business who was against the Zhao family's company recently. He couldn't help but frown and interrupted him, "They are peers. The two companies are now pointing at the export trade as the battlefield of management. It's inevitable for a temporary fight. Why do you talk this from the Gu family's company business? Are you too idle?"

Larry was in a daze and nodded to admit, "Well, I will continue to complain Simon."

The complaint went on. Chason decided to ask him to write twenty pages of analysis about the cooperation with the Gu Group today, because he was so idle.

Poor Larry, who didn't know what was waiting for him, continued to say that he didn't like Simon.

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