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   Chapter 333 Mother's Expectation (Part Two)

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"CY Company? The listed company that cooperated with the Flower Wheel Company at that time. The affiliated company of the Jiang Group that I found a job? " She had just gone to the design company for an interview. At that time, she had a conflict with Chason and found that the interviewer was him. She had left in a hurry and hadn't been there for the second time. How could it have anything to do with her?

"Okay." Thinking of the past, the angry Mr. Chason of the Jiang Group turned his face to the other side, looked at the wall, and said stiffly, "Before that, I found that you were interested in design, so I wanted to find you a design company and let you be responsible for it."

His face turned red. "Later, you lost your temper and said that you wanted to find a job by yourself. I had thought about it at that time... Will you come back happily and stop being angry? " The special skill of automatic silencing was learned passively by Mr. Chason of the Jiang Group.

Claire turned his face, pulled the collar of his shirt, and put his arms around his neck. He was forced to lower his head, and then kissed by his wife forcibly. This action was more and more frequently, but he didn't complain at all and actively cooperated with her.

The next morning, in the CEO's Office of the Jiang Group, Larry was standing beside Chason, watching his boss scrutinizing the operation analysis report of the Gu Group in the past two years with a straight face.

"It's a waste of money to invest in such a company's operation mode." Chason threw a pile of documents on the table and rubbed between his eyebrows, feeling a little troublesome.

There were too many bad debts on the account of the Gu family, which he had generally glanced at. The leader of the Gu family was his uncle who was not doing hi


"Mom." He said in a somewhat bitter voice, "I have thought about it and decided to return half of the agreement to the Gu family as required by Simon." He spoke out the most disadvantageous deal first, waiting for Gina's reaction.

“……” There was only a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.

After a while, seeing that neither of them spoke, Gina took the initiative to break the silence. "Well, then what happened?"

She knew her son too well. If he didn't have a fatal plan, it meant that he would help the Gu family get through the difficulties this time.

Chason had always been either making a move or keeping his countenance. He was definitely not a lazy snake.

"I will transfer 40% of the shares of two logistics companies and a listed design company to the Gu family, but the management right should be in the hands of the Jiang Group."

"Well, that's right. The logistics industry is now in the sun industry, and the design is more or less profitable, and the management is safer in the Jiang family." Gina praised.

This meant the Jiang Group would take all the risks, while Simon only counting the money. It was a big favor for her son to sell it to her.

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