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   Chapter 332 Mother's Expectation (Part One)

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"Today... How's the talk going? " At dinner time, Claire, who was careful, found that her husband seemed to be happier than usual.

"Well, it's a good talk." Chason looked particularly relaxed.

After receiving the call from his mother, he told his wife in advance that he would come back late today, so Claire was very clear about the schedule of Chason.

"Why does she suddenly ask you to go there?" Claire was a little scared of the fact that someone hadn't contacted her for a long time and then suddenly called her. At least every time her family called her, they would ask for help.

Although she didn't want to guess her mother-in-law like this, she had to confirm and protect her husband.

"The Gu family wanted the Jiang Group to sponsor them promised two years ago." After dinner, Chason sat at the table and watched his wife taking soup slowly.

While eating the food in her bowl, Claire looked at her husband, hoping that he could continue.

"We don't talk while eating. After dinner, let's go to the study and have a talk." Chason looked at his wife with a gentle smile. Claire had a good appetite recently, which made him feel a little relieved.

"Now you can tell me." In the study, Claire curled up on the sofa asked anxiously. Recently, her husband had become more and more naughty and always kept her in suspense.

"Then come here. Why are you so far away?" He held the portfolio with one hand, and put the other hand on the back of the sofa, waiting for his wife to come into his arms obediently. Recently, he found that as long as he took advantage of her curiosity, she would satisfy what he demanded.

Although she was unwilling to be molested by her husband, Claire still leaned in his arms honestly. After all, his broad chest was very comfortable and warm.

"Can you tell me now?" She leaned back again and found a comfortable posture.

"Well, that's well." Mr. Chason

bonus zone, he may not be satisfied with the gained benefits as much as he imagined; but if I give him the part of the contract he wants, I have to be prepared he destroys the Gu family's business."

Chason muttered to himself, "Gina's retreat for the sake of advancing is really a wonderful move. The problem is all pushed over to me."

Hearing her husband's childish complaint, Claire knew that he had decided to accept her mother's request and was ready to help the Gu family.

"After all, it's your concern. Just do it." She leaned against his chest with a smile.

"I want to own more industries with steady profit, stable cycle and fast capital turnover." Claire could tell from Chason's plaintive tone that he was well prepared.

"This was prepared for you, but the Gu family took advantage of it." He said sulkily.

Hearing her husband mention her for no reason, Claire asked curiously, "What do you mean? I already have your huge gift. " She was referring to the business building she received on her birthday.

"Do you remember CY Company?" As if remembering something, Chason held Claire in his arms. The misunderstandings between them at that time still made him a little scared. Because of the child's pass-away, Claire sadly wanted to divorce him.

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