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   Chapter 331 People Need Freshness (Part Two)

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Facing his mother's straightforward question, Chason obviously felt that it was different from before. He thought carefully from all aspects.

"Those businesses were at the level of bonus concentration back then." Chason decided to get down to business with his mother and said, "The focus of our trade has already changed."

What he said was the truth. It would be best if his mother could accept it. If not, he would not suffer any loss.

"If I agree to their request now, it actually has no effect on the Jiang Group." It was not easy to make profits from a declining industry. If the Gu family was also a burden, at most the Jiang family would not make money. But for the Gu family, which was already in a loss, it might be a disaster.

But he was not sure whether his mother could see it or not.

"It's indeed unnecessary to add the Gu family as the straw to the sunset industry." Gina understood what her son meant. Although her main camp was about the import and export trade, it was impossible for anyone to not know the current situation at all. Only the fool like Simon would hold the old contract and not let go of the outdated interests.

Chason smiled and said, "Mom, if you talk about this business in this way, you will not only lose the Jiang family." He admired Gina's method, retreat for the sake of advancing.

"Why are you laughing? When your uncle made this request, I endured it very hard." Gina scolded Chason as if she was joking, and then she couldn't help laughing.

The mother and son had never been in harmony before.

"Look, I haven't even poured you a cup of water since you came here." Gina didn't call the servant. She walked to the table, picked up a cold glass and poured a glass of juice for Chason.

As soon as he entered the room, he aske

st come to work for one or two days found that what they had done was not true and turned around and left.

Naturally, those rumors about him being harassed were bought by Gina at that time.

The reason why this secretary was an exception was that she was a prostitute.

It was because of the sudden withdrawal of the Jiang family at that time, which made Simon borrow wine to dispel his worries when he was in a dilemma.

But this woman did have some tricks. At least she was good at maintaining the company's balance on the surface, but in fact, a portion of the money was spent on personal consumption.

But recently, the Gu Group's business was so bad that even the surface balance could not be maintained. Helplessly, the two of them came up with such a bad idea and turned to Gina for help.

In fact, as for the means of Chason, Simon didn't like the cooperation with the Jiang family very much. Although the Gu family did benefit a lot from the cooperation, it was more convenient for him to be restrained in the accounts every time.

At the same time, on the way home, Chason was also analyzing the current situation of the Gu family and the man who didn't worth helping.

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