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   Chapter 329 Family Affection and Love (Part Two)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 6132

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"Rita is dead." Chason thought for a while and realized that there was no need to hide it. Perhaps he didn't want this indescribable sadness to bring unnecessary misunderstandings between his wife and him.

"You didn't tell me." Claire looked at Chason with her eyes wide open. There was no sign of jealousy on her face, but a little regret that she failed to express her sadness in the funeral.

"You are pregnant. You can't go to the cemetery." He knew that he was defending himself, but he still said frankly to his wife, "I thought you would hate her."

"Hate her?" After thinking for a while, Claire shook her head and said, "No, I don't hate her. I just don't like her. I don't think anyone will like husband's ex-girlfriend." She answered confidently.

"Besides, when we were in Switzerland, she put a knife on my neck." This action was enough to give her a more sufficient reason to hate that woman.

"But I don't hate her." Claire touched Chason's face gently and said, "As a woman, I can understand her unwillingness. Although I don't like her, she has never done anything that really hurts me."

Moreover, she firmly believed in what kind of person Chason was. As a husband who took every relationship seriously, Chason would not give up on her because of his ex-girlfriend. This was proved by his actions.

He held his wife's wrist in his hand, then held her in his arms. "Thank you, but I..."

He leaned his head on his wife's shoulder and said, "But I'm still a little sad, not because I can't forget it, I can't tell what it is."

It was the first time that Claire had seen her husband so weak. Claire gently stroked his hair and said, "You can't forget her, after all, she represents your whole youth."

After a long silence, when Claire felt the slight moisture on her shoulder, she saw that Chason rais

expression on Gina's face, Simon knew that his sister had seen through his performance, so he pretended to the end. He mentioned their dead father, which he had never failed.

Sure enough, Gina's expression obviously froze. After a while, she hesitated and replied, "Although the import and export company I'm running now has some profit, it's not as big as the Gu family. I can't help you."

Seeing that the proposal was effective, Simon quickly followed the topic and approached her fawningly. "Sister, I don't want anything, as long as you persuade your son to return the shares and business that he withdrew from the Gu family last time to the Gu family."

He added in a hurry, "Besides, it has been almost two years since the last account was made. I've already changed. Please give me another chance. Just this time, okay?"

Looking at her brother's confident face, Gina hesitated.

"Sister, let the Jiang Group help us for the last time. Now the Zhao Group has just suffered a loss. We can take this opportunity to get profits from their cheap goods. Our Gu family and Jiang family also could get benefit." He tried to persuade his sister again and told her the materials prepared by his secretary today.

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