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   Chapter 328 Family Affection and Love (Part One)

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The rain outside the window reminded Gina of her sadness. She sat by the window, gently stroked the cat in her arms, watching the continuous rain outside.

The four children, who had grown up beside her, Rita was dead, Angel went abroad. It seemed that Angel was not going to come back again. There were only Chason, who almost didn't come to see him anymore, and Richard, who would occasionally come to greet her.

She knew more or less about the cause of Rita's death through her subordinate's report. After all, her main business, the import and export trade company, which was abroad, was still in normal operation. Even if she didn't interfere in those affairs now, the rumors in the circle would still spread to her ears.

She felt a little regretful for the death of Rita's young life, except for the past memory.

She remembered that when Rita just came back from abroad, she tended to support her relationship with Chason. At that time, she was eager to stop the marriage of Claire and her son, so she did something to encourage Rita. She felt that she owed that child in the end.

But now, she had given up everything in the past. When she saw Chason appear at the funeral of Rita, she only dared to look at him from a distance and did not dare to approach him. She was afraid to see her son's complaining eyes, even if Jarred had completely taken the blame for her before he died.

Yes, at that time, she felt that everything she did was for the Jiang family, and it was undoubtedly correct. But when she really put down the disputes between fame and fortune, she saw another scene.

If her family members supported each other and lived in harmony with each other, all of these would become something she would never get for the rest of her life.

At this time, Gina felt that the empty villa in the we

ho just woke up, looked out of the window in a daze and then asked in surprise.

Recently, she didn't sleep well, and the baby was always very active in the early morning. So today, she woke up at three o'clock and felt the movement in her belly until five o'clock. She watched Chason quietly get up and go out.

When she saw that her husband had changed his clothes, his hair and skin were still a little wet, she was confused. "What happened today?"

After hesitating for a while, Mr. Chason of the Jiang Group, who was not good at hiding it from his wife, gritted his teeth and said stiffly, "It's okay."

Hearing this, Claire pushed away his hand on her shoulder, tilted her head and looked at him. "You went out early today, so you didn't have breakfast. Come back now and take a shower as soon as you enter the room. "

She paused on purpose. Seeing that her husband was stunned there, she felt helpless. "Whose funeral did you go to?"

If she couldn't notice such an obvious thing, as his wife, it only meant that she was unwilling to know.

"If you are in a dilemma, I won't ask." She noticed Chason's hesitation. Although she didn't know why, she still decided to respect her husband's choice.

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