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   Chapter 300 Can I Rely On You

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"No, no, it's that bitch who seduced Chason!" Looking at her brother's ruthless conclusion, Rita quickly refuted.

Instead of continuing to argue, Miller looked at Rita sympathetically and said, "Rita, do you really think that someone can seduce Chason? If he didn't really fall in love with her? " He tilted his head to look at his sister. The orange apron he hadn't taken off made him more delicate and beautiful like a boy next door.

"……" Looking at her brother's clear eyes, Rita couldn't say a word.

Yes, she should know Chason best. How could she forget how smart he was? When she was with him as a lover, many woman wouldn't be so arrogant because of her. However, they had never stopped seducing Chason in private. The reason why she was so confident when she went abroad was that Chason was a man that no one could seduce.

He was a natural hunter, not a prey, whether in business or private life.

How could she be so stupid at that time that she thought it was Claire who seduced Chason.

If she hadn't listened to Gina's words, she wouldn't have ended up like this if she hadn't drugged Chason and seduced let the fake Colin seduce Claire.

How could she get drunk alone because she was abandoned by Chason in the restaurant and ended up with being... Rita covered her mouth and cried silently.

However, at this time, Miller didn't hold Rita or stand up to comfort her as usual.

He just quietly watched his sister crying and venting her emotions.

Calm as he was, he also wanted to say to her, "you deserve it."

Miller was a man with obvious double characters, but his two emotions, although most of the time contradictory, he could rely on his own reason to make them consistent in the overall thinking, which also developed his two-sided view of things.

For example, he knew that someone in the Jiang Group must be using his sister to alienate Claire. At the same time, he could see his sister's unwillingness, mostly because of her own arrogance. So he didn't stand for either side on this matter.

On this point, he and Chason shared the same view. "No matter how good your relationship is, if you miss it, you have to accept your fate."

"However, people who use you as a weapon see that you can't make Chason who was resolute change his mind, then with their despicable means, they will never let go of your re

told her the struggle in her heart silently, "later I made an appointment with Chason to see if it was possible for ur to continue. He refused me and left me alone in the restaurant. I drank too much that day. When I woke up the next day... "

She closed her eyes and refused what she was about to say in her heart.

"I'm in Jeff's bed." Following the words was the beer cup that had fallen from Miller's hand. The thin glass made of glass was smashed into pieces and fell to the floor. Just like what was happening in his heart, the emotional fluctuation almost destroyed Miller's reason.

Rita raised her eyes to look at her brother, who was staring at the broken glass on the ground with indifference. Miller exuded a power that almost made her breathless.

Gritting his teeth, Miller closed his eyes. After a while, he opened his eyes again and stared at Rita. On the contrary, he said in a gentle tone, "Rita, are you willing to follow Jeff?"

"How is that possible?" Rita sneered, "I was just imagining being Chason's wife, so I gave myself to him."

Now after listening to her brother's words, Rita completely understood that she would have no chance to stay with Chason.

But so what?

The only thought in her mind now was to kill Chason and Claire.

"Then what did he do?" Miller clenched his fists, and the scratches on his palms and the blood oozing from them were telling how angry he was at the moment.

Biting her lower lip, Rita looked at Miller and asked, "brother, if I tell you everything, will you become the person I can rely on?"

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