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   Chapter 199 Confrontation (Part One)

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Jim smiled and raised his eyebrows, "Why don't I bring a beautiful woman here? Maybe I should bring soldiers with me? Then it's meaningless. "

The leader of Jm stared straight at Rita, which made her panic for a moment, but at this moment, she was ready to risk everything. In other words, when she stepped into this land, she had already gone all out. "But do you think you can take her away so easily?" He paused, got close to Rita, and deliberately smelled her hair exaggeratedly. "But, you are really smart. You can bring an eastern beauty here. It seems that she is a Chinese woman. It's rare."

There was a trace of displeasure in Jim's heart, which was like that of a prey when it was preying, finding that the prey beside its mouth was about to be taken away. "I'm sorry, she is my girlfriend."


They looked at Jim at the same time, and Rita was even more surprised.

"Oh?" With a playful look in his eyes, the leader of Jm said, "It's not interesting. Since it's not interesting, you can leave together.

He did have some feelings for Rita. In his life, he could get all the women he liked. However, he was a smart man. Since he had kidnapped Chason, he couldn't hurt Jim's woman for the time being.

Rita still wanted to say something, but seeing a bit of ferocity in the leader's eyes, Jim pulled her and said, "This is our sincerity. I hope you can consider it."

As Jim spoke, he took out a document from his briefcase and handed it to him. Sure enough, the head of Jm lit up for a moment. This was a contract of a large area of land around Switzerland, and the money was not a small amount.

"Is it possible to exchange these for them?" As Jim spoke,


Chason had never been treated like this before. The point was that he treated his woman like this. He stood up and kicked the man who tried to drag them away. He snapped in English, "If your boss still wants to get what he wants from us, you'd better be polite to us."

Those people still wanted to come over and seemed to want to teach Chason a lesson, but Chason was good at Taekwondo, and it was okay for him to deal with a few hooligans, but he did not fully display his strength. After all, in other people's territory now, he could beat four or five people, but he could not beat this well-trained men, and some of them were equipped with guns.

While they were quarreling, the head of Jm came in from the outside. He had been interested in the Jiang couple he had kidnapped since Rita and Jim left. He had kidnapped them just for money, but now he felt that the kidnapper was not simple.

"Chason? Mr. Chason? The CEO of the Jiang Group and the successor of the Jiang family? " The leader of Jm said with a smile. He didn't look like the leader of the Mafia at all. Instead, he looked like a happy young man.

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