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   Chapter 197 Rescue in Two Groups (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 6199

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A bitter smile appeared on Rita's face. She didn't think she had the right to mention love till now. The corners of her eyes turned cold. "He is the person I hate. The woman who was kidnapped with him is the one I hate most in my life."

As if he hadn't expected that Rita would say something like that, Jim was stunned for a moment and asked, "You hate him? Why do you save him?"

Rita said coldly, "Hating him doesn't counteract the fact that I want to save him." She paused, and her eyes became a little cold. "It has nothing to do with you. We take what we need. Since you have got what you want, now you need to help me."

Looking at the anxious woman in front of him lazily, Jim smiled and said, "Oh, my baby. Who said I got what I wanted? What I really want is your heart. "

Without the strength to fight against him, Rita smoothed her hair and sneered, "Oh, Jim, when you get my heart, the person I want to save is dead." She paused and said, "You'd better hurry up, or..."

"Or what?" Jim raised his eyebrows, "Wait here. I'll do it for you. But Rita, since you have taken the initiative to sleep with me, I don't think we will let it go. "

Rita knew very well that even if a man had some thoughts about a woman, he would always lack interest in the one taking the initiative to come to him. But now, she just took advantage of Jim's guilt to help her before his interest in her disappeared completely. "I see."

Although Jim was a little rogue, he didn't break his promise to help her.

When Rita was saving people, Colin took the fastest flight back to the United States.

In the villa of the Luo Family in Los Angeles.

"Mr. Colin?" The butler was startled when he entered the room. For so many years, he didn't go back home unless there was something urgent. Now the butler saw him appear in the Luo's villa voluntar

he end, all the family members were killed.

"Father, that person is very important to me. I hope you can help me for the sake of my mother." He paused, "I don't need you to do too much for me. I remember that you have a black secretary who is related to the Mafia. Help me introduce to him."

Marcus thumped the table heavily and shouted, "Bastard! Even if your father is kidnapped, you have no right to save him. Jason, I tell you, don't threaten me with your mother. Even if your mother is still alive, she won't allow you to mess around. "

Colin's mother got divorced in anger because of Marcus's scandal. She was depressed and died of a serious illness. For so many years, although Marcus didn't mention it himself, everyone knew that he was very sorry for his wife.

"What if I agree that I will leave the design field and go to the domestic market for you as long as the person can be saved?" Colin frowned in pain, but he still said firmly. Being a designer was like his soul, but if something happened to Claire, he would die. If he lost his life, his soul would not be able to bloom normally. Even if he knew and promised her that he would never disturb her life again, he would never let the person in his heart die.

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