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   Chapter 195 Exchanging with Rita (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5889

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In the past few hours after Chason and Claire were kidnapped, their friends were naturally in a panic. Although Lucy was usually fearless. When she heard that the two of them were kidnapped, she was scared and anxious. It was not until recently that she knew that Claire's husband was not an ordinary man. He was the successor of the Jiang Group.

Although she had no direct contact with this matter, she was still the host. The heir and Mrs. Claire of the Jiang Group had an accident at her own place. How could it be? "Jason, what do you think we should do? What should we do? " As soon as she got the news that they were kidnapped, the first person she found was Colin. She knew that he would definitely deal with this matter.

Frowning, Colin thought for a moment and said, "I'll figure it out." He had stayed in Europe for a long time and knew clearly how rampant the Mafia were. However, no matter how capable he was, he had not always been in touch with the outside world. His connections in Switzerland were undoubtedly some designers and business people. If he really wanted to save Claire and Chason who had fallen into the Mafia, he had to go back home...

However, his principle was that he would never go back to his family. Even if he went back, he would never use this surname. When he was brought back by the Luo Family, he had brothers and sisters, but they were not born by the same mother. His biological mother had divorced his father before he came back. Therefore, in the past few years of Luo Family, although he was plump in material, his life was not as happy as when he was in Y town.

The real contradiction was that he gave up taking over any shares of the Luo Group and resolutely chose what he liked. However, his father had neve

clothes for change and took the fastest flight to Switzerland.

Switzerland was where they had been to when they were in love. She remembered clearly the ski trip on the snowy mountain and the hugs in front of the church. It was such a dreamlike kingdom, but this time... Taking a look at the people passing by at the airport, she finally made up her mind to send a message and walked towards the gate.

There was no turning back. However, she couldn't ignore him.

It was the second day that the plane arrived in Switzerland. She quickly made up and walked out of the airport with a little luggage.

At the gate of the airport, a lengthened Lincoln was waiting for her. Seeing her come out, a tall Chinese American man came out. He smiled and said, "Rita, my honey, how have you been?" Then he opened the door for her gently.

"Don't call me like that." Rita said expressionlessly.

This man was Jim. His ancestors were from Western Europe. His mother was from China, so he had half of the Chinese bloodline. He knew Rita after graduation. At that time, Rita just broke up with Chason and was in a bad mood. She went on a trip to Europe and knew Jim on the way.

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