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   Chapter 191 Past Agreement (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5880

Updated: 2020-07-17 23:20

"Chason, stop!" Seeing this scene, Claire rushed over madly.

Colin fainted on the ground. His face was pale and his nose was bleeding. Regardless of arguing with Chason, Claire quickly sent Colin to the hospital.

Claire was on the verge of breaking down. What were the two men doing? What's more, her familiar brother, Colin, was not aggressive at all. Instead, he was gentle. But today, he was very unusual.

In fact, not only did Claire feel that it was strange for Colin to do so, but also Colin himself didn't expect that.

It turned out that just now, after the three people's dance won the cheers of everyone present, this did not dispel the idea of fighting between Colin and Chason, but became more and more intense. But after the ball, when Colin saw Claire chatting happily with Chason, Claire was not afraid of Chason at all. Instead, she gave people a feeling of dependence on him.

Seeing this, Colin couldn't help wondering if he had done something wrong. In order to confirm this feeling, he kept finding fault with Chason. In the end, Colin was sure that he was wrong. Even if his intuition was not wrong, Claire's love for Chason was irreplaceable for his whole life.

Finally, after calming down, Colin decided to test Chason's mind. He had to make sure what was in Chason's mind, so he fight with him. Of course, Chason could see what was in Colin's mind and accept it happily. He even thought that if it was normal, he might become a very good friend with Colin.

Thinking of this, Colin couldn't help but shake his head helplessly and rushed straight to Chason. Finally, after confirming Chason's intention, he was defeated by him with a smile, without any scruple. There was a trace of regret in his heart. He regretted that h

hild. He finally told the girl in person. That was enough.

There were a wide variety of feelings in his heart. At last, when he closed his eyes and fainted, Colin saw Claire running towards him. "You must be happy. He will protect you well. It hurts..." Then, Colin fell to the ground and fainted.

In the setting sun, the two children were running in the fields. The boy jumped on a big stone, pointing at the setting sun with a branch in his hand. He straightened his chest and revealed a very tough face with some scars. He said, "Claire, look at it. From now on, I will become a world famous designer. Nobody could bully me at that time, I will protect you well! I won't let anyone look down upon us! "

The little girl who followed him looked at the boy on the stone and said with a smile but a little doubt, "Really? Colin, you didn't lie to me, did you? "

"Don't you trust me? I won't lie to you. I can promise that I will have a promising future. After I become the most famous designer in the world. " The little boy sensed her suspicion and immediately turned to look at her. He stared at her face, but it was hard to see it clearly in the setting sun.

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