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   Chapter 183 Six Years Passed Like a Day (Part Two)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5536

Updated: 2020-07-15 09:00

"Lucy, don't talk nonsense. Oh... Jason was the brother of my neighbor when I was a child. Then he moved to America. We haven't seen each other for many years. I didn't know Jason was him either, and I didn't expect to meet him again in Switzerland today. "

Lucy thought for a while and agreed with her. No wonder Claire couldn't believe Colin. She couldn't imagine what will happen if she was not there back then.

"Well, even if you used to be an acquaintance, it means that you are destined to meet here. It's possible that something happens, isn't it?" Lucy looked at her with a snicker.

Claire glared at her and said, "Don't talk nonsense. I'm married. "

"Boring. So, I'm right. Women shouldn't get married so early. " Lucy said.

Before she could finish her words, Lucy was pushed out by Claire.

Trying her best not to think about what happened today, Claire forced herself to fall asleep as soon as possible. After all, she hadn't fully recovered from the jet lag. She had to adapt to it as soon as possible, in case she would be tired and affect her work.

"No, no..."

After a long time, she suddenly found herself on an open ground. Suddenly, a crack appeared in the middle of the ground, and on both sides of the crack stood Chason and Colin. A voice told her, "You can only choose to save one."

Don't push me. Don't... No.

Claire suddenly woke up from her dream. It was over five o'clock in the morning. Her hair was wet with sweat.

Claire wiped her sweat and took a shower in the bathroom. Although she was still sleepy, she was afraid that she would overslept, so she decided to get up.

It was rare for Claire to ge

person who had been so good to her in this way missing her.

Claire could understand Colin's love for her. However, she knew better that it was impossible for her to be together with Colin all her life.

She had become a wife and fell in love with another man. And over the years, she seemed to have been wasting the time of Colin. Claire felt a little guilty, but Colin was still so kind to her. He meant that he wouldn't disturb her since he knew that she was married.

How could she meet such a good man in her life. He cared about her like a brother, and knew her as well as a confidant. Since he had decided to hide his lost love, she would not expose it. They were good friends and brother and sister.

Thinking of this, Claire felt more encouraged. After all, she couldn't make Colin disappointed. At that time, she said to him confidently, "Colin, I will become a famous designer and painter in ten years."

But now he had become a famous designer in the world, and she was still in the infancy. She had to work hard for the dream of her childhood, and also for the careful gratitude.

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