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   Chapter 182 Six Years Passed Like a Day (Part One)

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After returning to the villa, Claire turned on her mobile phone and found that it was muted. There were dozens of missed calls on the phone, all from Chason.

She couldn't help but feel a little anxious. There was a jet lag in China. He was supposed to be busy. How could he have time to call her? Or is there something so urgent? So he called one after another?

An hour ago, [江逸辰] thought that it was already evening in Switzerland, and she should be finished anyway, so he wanted to call her. He was in a good mood now. He had handled all the things that he had promised Claire before. Now he was waiting to deal with the company's affairs before coming to Switzerland.

However, he called her several times in a row, which made him a little anxious. After all, Claire was in a foreign country. What if something happened?

"Larry, find someone to locate Mrs. Claire's phone and see where she is now." Fortunately, Claire went to Europe. Although he had little influence in Europe and America and his connections were not as good as that in China, he still had some means to deal with this situation.

While he was anxiously calling Claire, a transnational video sent through the Internet had been sent to his e-mail. He opened it and saw that Claire was chatting with a Chinese looking man under the street lamp.

Chason was so angry that he turned off the computer. He was so worried about her that she hooked up with another man in a foreign country as soon as she left. "Go and check who the man in the video is!"

Larry looked at him awkwardly, "Mr. Chason, this... They said they couldn't find it out for the time being. "

After all, it was Switzerland, not his territory. Chason couldn't force them. He had to give up and said, "Book the earliest flight


Her tears immediately welled up in her eyes. It was not because of his roar, but because she thought of everything that had happened these days for no reason. She was abroad, far away from his sight, and she was inexplicably scolded by him. No one would feel good experiencing such thing.

Well, forget it. Even if the sky fell, she would wait until she came back. From tomorrow on, she had to get back to work and work hard on a design draft.

When she was about to take a shower and go to bed, Lucy knocked on the bedroom door. When she opened the door, she saw Lucy in a sexy slip nightdress with wet hair. She gave her a weird smile and said, "Claire, I didn't expect you to be so familiar with the designer Jason, right?" While saying, Lucy specially prolonged her tone.

Claire didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. "It's not what you think..."

"Oh, it's okay." Lucy waved her hand and said, "Although I know you're married, I think you can play with a perfect man like Jason behind your husband. Besides, Jason is a judge and tutor of the competition this time. After you win his heart, you can become a famous designer. Don't worry. I'm open-minded. "

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