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   Chapter 181 Reunion And Protection (Part Two)

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Colin was both surprised and pleased. Sure enough, he knew that Claire would not forget the dream she had promised when she was a child. Just like him, she would definitely stick to it. "Claire, what a coincidence. I am the tutor of this competition. I will choose the students then."

She nodded, "I know. Before I came here, I read the competition brief and knew that Jason would be the judge and tutor of this competition. But I didn't expect that you are Jason."

"Claire, come on!" He smiled and said, "you can ask me anything that you don't understand. If you can't get used to living in Switzerland, you can come to me. "

With a sweet smile, Claire said, "you are the judge and tutor. You are under great pressure."

The two of them hadn't seen each other for so long. They used to be children, and now they had already grown up. However, the two of them didn't feel embarrassed at all after chatting for a long time. Time didn't make them alienated, but made them more intimate.

It was getting late. Colin sent Claire to the gate of the villa. There was a saying that had been pressed in his heart for a long time, but when he finally saw her, he could not say it, "Claire..."

Seeing that he wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, she couldn't help laughing. "What's wrong?" She was in a good mood today and felt more lucky that she had come to Switzerland. Otherwise, how could she meet her old friend again?

"Claire, I think... I've been asking you about your career, but not asking you anything else... " He paused, "Claire, do you have a boyfriend?"

She was stunned and shook her head subconsciously. What the hell was boyfriend?

There was a moment of surprise

time that Colin was so angry that he smashed the steering wheel with his hand. He missed the girl he loved so much just because he enjoyed the peace.

For so many years, there had been many girls around him, but he had never been able to fall in love with one of them. In his heart, he had already portrayed his life with Claire over and over again.

But when he really saw her, she had already been other man's wife.

Thinking of this, he stopped the car in a quiet place. He took out his tablet and posted on the social website, "my girl, I met you again on the street in a foreign country. You are still wearing the jade pendant I gave you. You are more beautiful than I imagined.". You have also realized your dream. You still remember what happened between us. But you are someone else's wife. From now on, I won't update our story on this website. I wish you happiness. I will always be with you and protect you as your brother. "

This message was only sent out for two minutes, and there were over ten thousand likes and comments in an instant.

The girl in Colin's story made the users of this website full of curiosity.

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