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   Chapter 172 Nightmare (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5695

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That night was the biggest nightmare of her life for Rita.

She didn't remember exactly what happened that night, but she remembered the pain and fear deep in her bones no matter how many years had passed.

In a daze, she couldn't push the man who seemed to weigh a thousand pounds on top of her. Probably due to the alcohol anesthesia, her limbs were weak. Finally, she fell into a coma and compromised.

She always felt that the person she could remember when she was most helpless would come. 'is it you, Chason? You come to save me, don't you?'

Tears streamed down her cheeks, wrecking her makeup with her already wretched face.

When Rita woke up, it was already late at night. In the center of the city, it was still brightly lit outside the window. The lights were off in the house. She groped through the faint light that came through the curtain and tried to get up. Beside her was a naked man. Although the light was not turned on and she could not see his face clearly, the smell of cigarettes and alcohol from that man had already made her disgusted.

The next second, she looked at her naked body and suddenly realized that she had been raped!

She tried hard to cover her mouth and didn't dare to make a sound, fearing that she would wake up the man beside her and then he would rape her again. The fragments of what happened just now came into her mind bit by bit. She was raped!

Tears of humiliation and pain streamed down her frightened big eyes. She tried not to make a sound and fumbled for her dress to cover herself, but it was this slight movement that woke the man beside her up soon.

She shrank back to the foot of the bed in horror, and that the man fumbled to t

her with disdain.

This place was far from where she lived, but for some reason, Rita walked all the way back. Her feet in high heels had already been worn out. Perhaps only this kind of pain could make her sober to feel that she was still alive in this world. She took off her high heels and ignored her bleeding legs. Looking at herself in the mirror and the wounds on her body caused by that man because of her resistance, she gritted her teeth hard. 'Claire, Jeff, you guys just wait and see. One day, I will return the great humiliation you gave me today, little by little.'

Lying on the bed, Rita was physically and mentally tired, but she was not sleepy at all. The next morning, she put on some makeup and pretended to be fine. Then she took the lunch box to the hospital. Marvin had survived, yet the physical aftermath is still evident. Marvin was the eldest son of the Mo family, and he used to be the most important person in the Mo family. This time, her family had always told her to do her best to fix him up.

Therefore, even if that happened last night, Rita knew that she still had to take care of her brother.

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