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   Chapter 171 I Don't Care About You (Part Two)

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"You are enchanted by that woman. You..." Gina was angry. She had thought a lot for the interests of the Gu family and herself. But she was a mother after all. How could she not consider for her only son? Even if Claire was completely out of her control, she wouldn't oppose her as long as she could have the same characteristic capital as Rita. But she had nothing. So how could she not worry about?

Chason knew that no matter how hard he tried to persuade his mother, it would be difficult to persuade her. It was hard to change her thoughts. "Mom, you have never really understood Claire. She is really a good girl."

Without waiting for Gina's reply, he paused and finally made up his mind. Perhaps it was useless to remind his mother as before. "Mom, you have worked for more than half of your life. It's time for you to have a happy family, instead of living in scheming all day long. The last thing I want to see is that we lose our family affection because of these things that could be overcome. "

Family affection? Scheme?

Chason's words were very euphemistic, but anyone with a discerning eye could understand that his words were actually a warning to Gina. Gina smiled bitterly. Up to now, she was also particularly shocked. Over the years, her son had always been polite and alienated from her. Family affection had long disappeared between them. But tonight, her son seemed not to be the cold and silent man as usual, nor the decisive president of the Jiang Group in the business world. He was like a man with love and flesh. Gina suddenly realized that even if she didn't like Claire, she had to admit that that woma

of her life had fallen in an instant. Yes, it was a kind of relief. However, at the same time, her heart was empty. She had spent most of her life in this way. Her youth and love had been wasted. What on earth did she do that for?

"Fannie." Gina called the servant in a low voice. Fannie had been with Gina for the longest time, and sometimes she was also the best servant of her. "I want to keep a cat."

Raising a cat had always been her dream in her childhood, but when she was a child, the Gu family did not allow her to raise a little pet. After all, the whole Gu family took her as the training object, and did not allow her to play with other things.

Later, when she got married and found that Chason's father hated little animals very much, so she gave up this idea. After all, she had been busy with business for so many years, and this simple dream had been put aside by her.

Fannie couldn't bear it and comforted, "Okay, madam. How about raising a Maltese cat? I have seen many pictures of it on the Internet recently. It looks interesting. "

"Okay, a Maltese cat."

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