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   Chapter 170 I Don't Care About You (Part One)

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Larry soon sent Chason to the villa in the western suburbs.

Gina had paid special attention to health care in the past few years. Although it was only eight o'clock in the evening, she was about to put aside her work and go back to the bedroom to have a rest.

"My lady! My lady!" The servant was on the balcony upstairs and happened to see the car of Chason coming over. She rushed down and told Gina, "Mr. Chason's car... I saw Mr. Chason's car. Mr. Chason should be here. "

Gina, who was taking off her earrings, stopped for a second. Then she quickly combed up her hair and said to the servant, "give me my coat." Even in front of her son, she always paid attention to her image. "What time is it now?"

"It's half past eight now." The servant looked at her watch and said.

Half past eight?

In the year after she came back, Chason didn't come here often. Even if he came occasionally, he would never come at night. What happened to him today?

While she was thinking, Chason had come in from the gate of the villa. "Mom."

Seeing that her son was worn out, Gina quickly stood up and said, "go and get a cup of hot milk for Chason." She paused and said, "don't drink tea tonight. Chason, why do you come here so late?"

Chason knew that he might be a little impatient. After all, his mother had to go to bed at night. But he didn't want it to waste even a minute.

"I have something to tell you." There was no expression on Chason's face at the moment. He was as pure as a teenager. He didn't remember who had said that the original family determined a person's life. His original family gave him unparalleled prosperity and a good education,

e year?"

It seemed that women at their age, if they were not loved, always had a same idea that they would treat some people's things as their private goods, such as their children. This powerful and possessive desire causes them to impose something on their children when their children did something contrary to what they wanted. For example, they would say their children of being unfilial or thoughtless.

Although Gina had gone through a lot of ups and downs in her life and had a great influence in the business world, she was still a woman who had lost her husband. She lacked love and had to endure a lot of sadness on her own. Therefore, at this age, she inevitably became a woman who tried to control her son.

Chason felt a little sad, not because he was scolded by his mother, but because he faintly felt sorry for his mother. He knew better than anyone that Gina actually had a hard time. "But, mom... I have only Claire in my heart for a long time. If I insist on letting another woman into our life, it will only cause pain for the three of us. I don't think it's what you want to see. "

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