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   Chapter 168 Who Can Save Her (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5993

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Not long after, Chason arrived at the restaurant ordered by Rita. Before leaving, he certainly wouldn't forget his lesson that day. He asked Larry to have everything changed in the restaurant.

Today, Rita wore a white off the shoulder dress, which was pure. And at the same time, her clothes were especially able to outline her figure. With a pair of pointed low heels, she entered the restaurant all the way, making many people unable to take their eyes off her.

"Ethan." To Rita's surprise, when she arrived, Chason had already sat in a private room. He wore a sky blue suit and white suit pants, which lit up Rita's eyes.

She had always seen him in black and grey clothes, and rarely saw him dressed as fresh as now. However, few men in the world could wear clothes of this color as good-looking as him.

Chason smiled and winked, "have a seat."

She bit her lips and opened looked at him with guilt. "Have you been waiting for me for a long time? Sorry, my brother... "

"It's okay. I'm just here." Chason asked casually, "is your brother feeling better?"

At this moment, Rita's heart was filled with joy. Claire just left, yet Chason agreed to her invitation and had dinner with her. More importantly, he came so early and seemed to be very willing to have dinner with her. "Chason, you look so handsome in this dress. Very few men can hold this color, it's just that I remember that you didn't wear it before."

In her impression, Chason had been wearing a suit since a long time ago. When others were all dressed in sweat and sportswear, he had to go business with the Jiang family, so he had worn a formal suit early. Because of this, his wardrobe was almost black or white. As his girlfriend at the time, she occasionally wanted to show off love and wore a bright coupl

United States. Although they were all from rich families, Chason was stubborn at that time. After hearing his uncles say that he was a parasite in the family, he never took the money from his family again. Even though Gina got him a secondary card with a high credit card, he had never used it.

So at that time, even though he could have lived a privileged life with his money, he preferred to work a few jobs. In order to save money, Chason cooked his own meals at home. So in those years she often ate steaks that Chason grilled himself. Even though it was not as good as the steak sold in the five-star hotels outside, in her heart, it was the most delicious steak she had ever eaten.

Chason raised his red wine glass and said, "you know things have changed now. I have a family too. I'm sorry that I can't accompany you for a long time."

Hearing he said that, Rita was stunned. He promised her to have dinner, and he took the initiative to help her family, but he said something like that to her, "Chason, you..." So, in fact, he wanted to tell her that the reason why he helped her was just that he sympathized with her, and even to feel a little guilty for the past relationship?

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