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   Chapter 167 Departure At The Airport (Part Two)

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"Rita, I should tell you a good news. Claire is going to Sweden to attend an event. It will take her nearly a month to stay there." She paused, took a sip of soup and smiled, "You know what I means."

Of course, what she meant was obvious. She just wanted to tell her that the opportunity had come. However, Rita was too embarrassed to show her emotions so directly. She just smiled faintly and said, "No one will take care of him for so long."

"So, you should take good care of him." Gina teased.

Rita's face immediately flushed. She lowered her head and mumbled, "I..."

"Well, don't be shy. You can go boldly."

Encouraged by Gina, the last scruple in her heart had long been gone. These days, her brother had warned her to stay away from Chason. She knew that no matter what, Chason was a married man. Although the Mo family was not as powerful as before, it was still a decent family. He would never allow her to be the other women in others relationship.

'The other women? Rita sneered. Claire was the actual other woman. After Chason broke up with her, there was no rumor about him being with any woman. If Claire hadn't taken the opportunity to climb into his bed, wouldn't she be the one who stood beside Chason?

So, Claire, don't blame me. I didn't destroy your family. I just took back everything that belonged to me. You don't belong to this circle in the first place, and you know that you and he are not in the same world. It's time for you to leave.

Thinking of this, Rita picked up her phone and sent a message to Chason, "My brother asked me to thank you on his behalf, so if you are free tonight, let me treat you a dinner?"

The man on the other end of the

d he meddle in the Mr. Chason's private affairs? It seemed that this job was insecure.

Looking at the frightened secretary, Chason raised his eyebrows and said, "You've been with me for so long. How could I be such a person in your heart?" He paused and said seriously, "Yes, after all, Rita once had a relationship with me. She is a good girl. We can only say that we are not destined to be apart. Now the Mo family is in trouble. I just want to help her. It's a favor for our relationship. I don't mean anything else. "

After a pause, he looked at Larry and said, "Besides, am I the kind of person who can't distinguish between personal affairs and work?"

Could it be that Mr. Chason was still able to tell the difference? It was such a big project. "Mr. Chason, it costs a lot. Although our company is rich, but..."

"But we can't lose money for nothing, right?" Chason couldn't help but roll his eyes, "I never do a business at a loss. They don't have a market for this project, but I have it."

This confident man was sure to win, which made Larry suddenly silent. Mr. Chason's decision was probably reasonable.

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