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   Chapter 166 Departure At The Airport (Part One)

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Claire angrily looked at the snatched pancake in Anna's hand and glared at her. "I haven't had dinner yet. What are you doing?"

Anna was angry, "Are you still in the mood to eat?"

Wasn't it about the matter with Chason? Why couldn't she eat anything? Claire muttered and told her what happened on the ship tonight. "So, you really don't have to worry about it. It's better to eat and sleep well than to worry about those things. "

Although she was angry, Claire felt that she couldn't make herself suffer even if the sky fell.

"What?" Anna was shocked to hear that. "Well, as proud as Chason is, he has made a concession. What are you doing?"

Claire shook her head. It was not that she didn't forgive him, nor did she act like a spoiled child. She had always been a sensible and obedient member of the Jiang family. She might sometimes lose her temper with him. But when it was about everything that the Jiang family had done to her, even if the matter was so serious as to have something to do with her child.

She was trying to protect her and Chason's family. In order not to put him in a dilemma, she had tolerated all this. However, it didn't work. "Anna, I did it for a purpose. I'll give him some time to deal with these things. "

If those things were not settled well, she would just endure them like this. As a result, either she would continue to live such a life with troubles from time to time, or one day she finally couldn't bear it and turned against Chason.

Therefore, it was better to give both of them some time. On the one hand, she was a little interested in the competition, and on the other hand, she went out to relax, waiting for Chason to solve these things at home.

The time passed quickly. Claire didn't bring much stuff with her when she went to Sweden. She only brought a

hat nothing could be hidden from Gina. Looking at Rita who came to her place as long as she had time, she felt a little distressed and said, "Your brother needs you to take care of him most now. It's hard for you to run back and forth every day. During this period of time, take good care of your brother and have a good rest."

While scooping out the soup, Rita shook her head and said, "Gina, you said you liked the soup I made, so it's worthwhile for me to come here a few more times."

Gina nodded with relief. At the beginning, she liked Rita only because of her own conditions, but now she didn't expect that she was such a considerate person. The more she looked at Rita, the more she thought Rita was better than her so-called daughter-in-law. "You are so considerate. If only someone is like you."

Rita chuckled in her heart, but she didn't show anything on her face. "Gina, please drink the soup as it's warm." She had been really exhausted recently. She had to worry about her brother's matter. Although she had slowed down a lot about the market matter that the Mo family sent her back to, she was still working on it. In addition, she had to consider about Chason, all these made her exhausted.

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