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   Chapter 164 Let Chason Go (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5664

Updated: 2020-07-09 00:12

Claire didn't know when she came to herself. She seemed to have a long dream on the boat. The man she loved suddenly came back home.

"Claire." Chason murmured, looking at her slightly dizzy eyes. He held her face as if holding an incomparable treasure.

She came to her senses and got out of Chason's arms. It was true that the man's strong hormone could always make her surrender inadvertently. But it didn't mean that he could erase all the harm and misunderstanding that another woman had brought to her during this period of time.

Looking at Claire's somewhat alienated look, he was stunned and whispered, "Claire, let's not be angry, okay?"

"Chason, I admit that I have fallen in love with you in the past year, and now I am your wife both in name and in fact. However, no matter how much I like you, it doesn't mean that I can love you without any principles. " That kind of feeling of liking someone so much and even lost her senses for him. She would never try it again for the rest of her life.

She could admit her love for Chason frankly, at the same time, tolerate his change of heart, and even his departure.

It took a long time for Chason to understand what she meant. His heart was inexplicably complicated. His hair was a little long, and it was the first time in so many years that he was in such a helpless situation because of the company and family affairs. "Claire, you are still angry with me, but listening to your confession, I feel very happy."

"I'm not kidding." She raised her head. Today, she didn't wear high-heeled shoes. In front of this tall man, she had to raise her head slightly to look at him. "I admit that my relationship with you may not be

just come back and could not do many things so quickly, especially now the Mo family was not as good as before.

"Claire, I'll explain to you. Last night, Rita came to my company by herself. My mother asked me to have dinner with her, but I refused. I didn't expect that she would be at my mother's place at that time, so she just came to my company. " After a pause, Chason continued, "as for what happened later, I just sent her home by the way. After all, she brought food here."

Sure enough, a trace of irony showed at the corners of Claire's mouth. Her deduction and intuition were right. The person behind Rita must be Gina.

Chason glanced at her and sighed slightly. "As for today, I have the same purpose as you. I also want to investigate what was wrong last night.

"So, are you sure who drugged you?" Claire tried her best to suppress her inner restlessness. "I'm trying to persuade myself to forgive you and let it go. I'm even finding an excuse for you. Maybe there's someone else behind all this. But I really can't do it. When do I have to persuade myself again and again to continue our relationship? "

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