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   Chapter 134 Why Are You Here (Part One)

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Chason hesitated for a while. After all, in his heart, the whereabouts of Claire was more important to him. But at this moment, it was related to Rita's safety, so he could only temporarily let go of Claire and go to the bar to see how Rita was going.

The WK Bar was still crowded with people. With the arrival of the famous rock singer, there were more groups here than usual. Claire's voice became hoarse as she screamed with the crowd. She hadn't been so crazy for a long time. All these songs reminded her of the past. Maybe she didn't cherish the time when she was young, thinking that she would be better in the future. But after her youth passed, she really missed it.

When the singer took a break, she felt her throat sore and dry. She wanted to get some water to drink. When she was fetching water from the water dispenser, she suddenly felt something black in front of her eyes. Her neck seemed to be hit by some strange thing and quickly fell to the ground.

When she woke up, she found herself on a sofa. She rubbed her neck and frowned in pain. What was this place? What happened just now?

Claire looked around and rummaged through her bag. There was money in it and her clothes were complete, as if nothing had happened just now. As for why she was here, she didn't know at all.

After tidying up her clothes, Claire stood up and was about to leave the room, but she heard a commotion in the next room. "No, no, let me go... Let me go... "

It was a girl's voice. [林岚] felt that the voice was a little familiar. Her reason told her that she'd better not meddle in other people's business at this time.

While she was hesitating whether she should lea

explain clearly what had happened.

"Don't ask, Chason. Please, stop asking. " Rita was lying in his arms, leaving no gap. She looked at Claire in panic and said, "I was wrong. Let me go..."

Claire looked at all this coldly. At this point, would Chason believe her? Claire walked slowly to them and said coldly, "what do you mean, Miss Rita?" They set up this play, and she had even moved with compassion to save Rita. Claire thought she must be the stupidest person in the world.

Chason gently carried Rita to the sofa, stood up and coldly looked at the two men on the ground, "tell me, what's going on? I think I have many ways to make you tell the truth. "

"We..." Suddenly, one of the men crawled towards Claire and said, "Miss Claire, you said you would protect us. Miss Claire, help us!"

Claire sneered. She couldn't even defend herself anymore.

After looking around everyone in the room, Chason turned to Claire and asked, "Claire, why are you here?" When he saw her in the bar, he couldn't believe that a girl who didn't drink at all like Claire would come to the bar alone. Or a bar like WK?

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