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   Chapter 132 The Fight Between The Three (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5937

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Claire snorted. A fair competition? In Rita's eyes, Claire was never the recognized young mistress of the Jiang family. However, she was no longer the Claire she used to be. "I don't know what kind of fair competition Miss Rita means, as Chason is originally my husband."

Maybe she had learned a lot from Chason after staying with him for a long time. No matter how anxious and worried she was, she must hide her panic when facing an opponent who was actually stronger than her.

At least, she had to be mentally stronger than her opponent.

As expected, Claire's reply made Rita obviously stunned. She already had little patience to continue spending time with Claire. She picked up her bag and said with some disdain, "let's wait and see."

Looking at the back of Rita who was walking away in high heels, Claire sat on the sofa. She was not as calm and composed as before, and her palms were sweating slightly. Yes, she couldn't find any reason to refute what Rita had just said, could she?

She just wanted to fight against this mistress with her last bit of pathetic self-esteem. No, at a certain moment, Claire even had an illusion, she and Rita who was the little mistress?

She believed that Chason loved her. She even believed that Chason would remember all his promises and be responsible for their marriage to the end. However, if he knew why Rita had left him, would he be hesitant?

Claire smiled bitterly. He was starting to sway, wasn't he? Otherwise, he would not ignore her birthday message. Even if it was because Gina was sick, what she saw was that he was celebrating his birthday with another woman in the hospital, wasn't it?

Gina didn't seem to be in poor health as Chason worried. She looked much better soon. Noticing that Gina seemed to b

to look for her one by one. 'I'm sorry, Claire. It's all my fault.'

Claire turned off her phone as soon as she came out of the seaside villa. She didn't want to go back to the villa of the Jiang family at this moment. She had planned to go to the oil painting classroom to paint, but she thought that with her current mood, she might not be able to paint anything. 'Where am I going?'

"Come and have a look at Jersey's meeting!" Claire was wandering on the road when she saw the leaflets on the road. Jersey? That was her favorite rock singer. She didn't expect that she would have a meeting in the WK Bar.

However, she had almost never been to a bar. Even if she had been there once or two times, there was a reason. If she went there alone like now, Chason...

'Forget it. Why should I think about him?' She did what she wanted to do, so why should she had to care about him.

Today was a sad day. She had to vent her sadness regardless of anything. So Claire squeezed into the crowd, bought a ticket and a light stick, and rushed to the bar.

The bar was crowded with people. Claire temporarily forgot all the messy troubles and called Jersey's name with the crowd.

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