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   Chapter 131 Rita's Provocation (Part Two)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5477

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Of course not. He knew everything about her past.

But she knew nothing about his past.

In fact, it was not his fault that Chason had never told her anything as she had never thought of asking. In Claire's eyes, the past was the past forever. Till today, when Rita appeared in front of her, for the first time, Claire found that she could not be as generous and natural as Anna.

However, no matter how much she minded it in her heart, she still pretended to be indifferent at the moment. "No, Miss Rita, why do you think that he needs to mention you to me?"

"That's right. If a man doesn't really let go of a woman, he won't easily mention her, will he?" She looked elegant and graceful, but her words were sharp and harsh.

Clenching her fists, Claire sneered, "Miss Rita, do you think that my husband has never let you go?"

"I don't know." Rita admitted that Claire was more difficult to deal with than she thought. After all, she was a woman who could marry Chason. She mustn't be that simple. "But I have known him for more than twenty years. We grew up together and have been together for many years. I don't think you know him better than I do, do you? "

Yes, they grew up together. It sounded so wonderful. Claire suppressed the sadness in her heart and still acted as if nothing had happened. No matter what, even if her relationship with Chason was not as good as she thought, and even if Rita was the one who should really stand together with him, she could not lose at this moment. "So what? I believe that Miss Rita and Chason used to be a perfect match, but if my memory serves me right, he is my husband now. "

her in this love battle. She was not afraid if it was only for background. But what scared her most now was that in Chason's heart, she would never be able to compare with the first love who had accompanied him for many years.

She took a deep breath. Even though she was already in a panic, she still maintained a confident look in front of Rita. "If I'm not mistaken, I'm the legal wife of Chason. If one day we come to an end, it must be that we no longer love each other, not because of you."

"Okay." She knew very well that Claire was much more difficult to deal with than she had imagined. She would never give up Chason herself. That's right. No one would easily give up such a good man, not to mention a civilian woman like her who schemed to marry a rich man. But the more she did so, the more determined she was to take him back.

The man she loved deserved a better woman, not Claire.

"Then let's have a fair competition. I don't think that day will be long." There was no expression on Rita's face. As if they were facing a popular commodity, not a man they both loved.

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