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   Chapter 130 Rita's Provocation (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-29 00:02

"Mom!" Looking at his mother who suddenly passed out, Chason was flustered. He called the doctor in a hurry and didn't care about Claire at all.

Looking at the drama of this group of people, Claire sneered. She didn't want to stay here for another moment.

What could she do? Although Claire had always known that Gina didn't like her, she couldn't understand why Gina wanted to separate them like this since they were already legal couple.

However, for the first time, Claire felt that she was so powerless in maintaining their relationship. In the past, she thought that even if Gina opposed, she would be fearless as long as he loved her.

It was not until Rita appeared and Claire saw them standing together on the rooftop that she realized for the first time what panic was.

"Claire." She wiped her tears and was about to leave the hospital when she heard a gasping voice from behind. "Claire, listen to me. It's not like what you think."

Claire stopped but didn't turn around. The next second, she was pulled over by Chason. "Claire!"

What was the point of his useless explanation for her? She had been waiting for Chason in the villa for such a long time. Why didn't he explain anything? At first, Claire thought he lost his sense of propriety because of Gina's illness, but now it seemed that it was not the case at all.

It must be Rita who made him lose his sense of propriety and ignored her at all. "I'm not thinking about anything. It seems that you have a happy birthday." He didn't need her surprise at all, did he? There was another woman besides her.

Hearing her words, Chason was stunned. He didn't mention his birthday specially, and Claire didn't mention it recently. Now why did she suddenly talk about his birthday?


rink coffee when she worked overtime, which was instant coffee. Then, because of Chason, she specially learned some skills of making coffee, which made her look a little professional.

A trace of surprise flashed through Rita's eyes. "I didn't expect you to be so good at making coffee. Do you also like drinking coffee, Miss Claire?"

"No." After a pause, she deliberately emphasized, "He likes it very much, so learned a little from him."

Rita understood what she meant. She took a sip of coffee and gently smiled, "That's right. He was influenced by me about coffee. The first time I gave it to him at that time. He said it was bitter and didn't like it. "

There were indeed many memories between them. Bitterness spilled over Claire's heart. She was his real wife, but all the promises he had made seemed to be inferior to the long-lasting and heavy memories between them.

'"What do you want to say to me? Just say it." Claire stopped what she was doing and said lightly.

The scent of coffee spread all over the living room. Rita gently smoothed her hair and said, "Miss Claire, I guess you haven't known him for a long time? Did he ever mention me to you? "

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