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   Chapter 127 Their Reunion (Part Two)

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It was Rita who broke the terrible silence first. "I'm back, Chason."

"You Why are you here? " Chason came back to his senses from the shock. He looked at this once familiar face, but his eyes were full of coldness.

A sense of loss instantly occupied Rita's heart. Over the years, she had imagined countless times when she would meet with him again, but she did not expect that they would meet in such a place. What was more unexpected was that his reaction was not excitement or surprise, but questioning.

Rita said with a faint smile, as if she didn't care about his questioning at all. "Of course I will come to see you when I come back. When I came here, you happened to be in the meeting room. Larry asked me to wait for you in the office. "

Chason's face changed slightly, "It's Larry's fault. I'm sorry."

"Chason! Do you have to be like this? " She felt as if a knife were piercing her heart when she saw his politeness and alienation. Although she had guessed all this, she couldn't accept it when she really faced it.

Five years had passed.

In the past five years, he had waited for her for more than four years. At the same time, he tried to forget her for four years until Claire appeared.

He had never thought that he would fall in love with Claire, and that kind of love became clearer and clearer as time went by. It was Claire who let him know what true love was.

In the past, he thought that his affection for Rita in his life was his only love. Later, he finally understood that that kind of love was more a kind of unwillingness to the regret in his youth than love. He didn't want to admit defeat, so he always hoped that the girl who left him first could come back to him one day. He didn't want her to come back, but he wanted her to

have to leave you. "

Five years ago, the position of the heir of Chason had been determined. If nothing went wrong, they would be engaged. However, it was at that time that she was diagnosed with this disease. Afraid of being entangled with each other, Rita found an excuse and ruthlessly broke up with him.

After leaving Chason, Rita tried her best to forget him. After all, she still had a long life. Besides, her disease was not a threat to her life except that it was difficult to get pregnant.

She tried to start a new life and leave Chason. She didn't worry about having no child. In fact, there were many DINK families abroad that were unwilling to have children. She tried to find a new boyfriend, but after so many years, she knew that she could no longer deceive herself.

She loved him and knew that he was the man who loved her most in the world.

"If it's only about the Mo family, I won't come back on behalf of them. A month ago, I went to have a check-up and the shadow on my uterus disappeared. I can be a normal mother. At that time, I just wanted to return home as soon as possible and tell you everything. But I found that you married another girl. "

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