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   Chapter 126 Their Reunion (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 6338

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After coming back from the villa in the western suburbs, Rita couldn't calm down for a long time. This apartment was the only property her brother had left in the country. The Mo family had emigrated together, and there was no other property left in the country.

Rita entered the bedroom and took out a wooden box with coded lock from the innermost part of the wardrobe. She opened it with a trembling hand. There were all her most important things in the box. She locked them in the box before she went abroad.

Without a moment's hesitation, she quickly opened the coded lock. The six-figure password was Chason's birthday. It was probably natural for her to get used to it for so many years.The password of her current bank card was still the same number.

Birthday? Suddenly, something occurred to her. She quickly opened the calendar on her mobile phone and looked through it. She was shocked. What a coincidence! Tomorrow was his birthday.

In fact, she didn't celebrate his birthday very often. Since she was a child, she had been busy all the time. It was difficult for her to remember a specific day, even her own birthday. And Chason didn't want to celebrate his birthday, so although she had always wanted to give her boyfriend a surprise, in the end, she hadn't done anything.

However, she had set all kinds of passwords with this date, which was already engraved on her memory.

She felt a lump in her throat. There were many things that you thought you would have a chance, but in the end, you found that you had missed everything that you shouldn't have missed.

There were pictures of her when she was young in the box, many of which were about the four of them. Before she went abroad, she only had a single photo with Chason. She didn't take it with her. Although they had taken countless photos abroad, those were all electronic photos. After they broke up, she dele

nd interrupted her memory.

The huge word "Claire" pierced her eyes. The next second, the photo frame on the desk of Chason broke into her sight. Yes, it was a photo of Claire. She had seen Claire on the Internet and could never forget her face.

Knowing that her behavior was very impolite, she couldn't help but click on the message. "Chason, wait for you at the seaside villa after work. You must come."

Villa by the sea?

The thing that could easily change a woman was jealousy. At this moment, Rita admitted that she was very jealous. She was jealous of the woman who could call herself wife of Chason even though she had only known him for less than a year. She was jealous of the woman who could send messages to him at any time and the woman who could stay with him day and night.

The next second, she deleted the message without thinking too much. At the same time, she remembered Claire's phone number.

After everything was done quickly, the door of the office was pushed open, and Chason rushed in with a folder in his arms. Rita stood up in a hurry. When she turned her head, she happened to meet the eyes of Chason.

The two of them looked at each other, and the air froze in the middle. The two of them kept silent for a full minute.

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