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   Chapter 125 Gina's Plan (Part Two)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 5864

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After the freshman year, they chose to study abroad at the same time. Originally, they should have been together without any suspense, but when the University was about to graduate, Rita faced a chance to study further. However, if she wanted to further her study, she had to separate from him.

For the sake of her future, she chose to break up with him resolutely. He had persuaded her to stay, and even said that he was willing to wait for her. However, the determination of Rita made their four-year love come to an end.

When she was young, the proud Rita thought that he was just a passer-by in her life. Later, she tried to fall in love with all kinds of men, even from different countries with different bloodlines. But only after what had happened did she finally realize that there was no one in the world who loved her as much as Chason did.

Sure enough, everything was as Gina expected. She smiled carelessly and said, "Yes, he is married. As his mother, if he is happy, do you think I will let another girl get involved in his life? "

Rita was stunned for a moment and then understood. Generally speaking, there was no reason to mention those old things in front of her son's ex-girlfriend. The only possibility was that she opposed his marriage. "Gina, what do you mean?"

"I think you know better than me how excellent he is. How could an ordinary girl deserve him? If it's just that his wife doesn't deserve him now, I wouldn't step in. The problem is that my son is obsessed with this woman. As a mother, do you think I can rest assured? " The reason why Gina asked Rita to come here was not only because she was very satisfied with this girl, but also because she knew that Rita also needed a man who could support her. Naturally

inly about? I've been doing foreign trade all the time. So I know a little about your family. " Gina showed a determined smile and said, "Don't you think the Jiang family is more suitable for you than to find a new person to rely on in S City?"

Gina's words did not save any face, but Rita could not find a word to refute. Yes, she came back this time for the business of her family. If the Mo family's business could not find a place to settle down in the country, then their business would be delayed for a long time.

In fact, the Mo family had already had the idea of finding someone to rely on in S City, and now marriage was the best way. And Rita was the only daughter of the Mo family. Her marriage was destined to be a tool of profit.

Looking at Rita's pale face, Gina put down the teacup, gently stood up and smiled, "Rita, you are a smart person. As for what to do, you know better than me. "

Originally, she really couldn't think of any way to compete with her son to protect the Gu family. However, the news that Rita suddenly came back made Gina know that it was the best arrangement. In his son's heart, there would always be a place for Rita.

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