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   Chapter 124 Gina's Plan (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 6256

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In a premium apartment in S City, Rita was dressed in pajamas, but her extraordinary temperament could not be erased.

She was browsing the magazine in her hand aimlessly. Suddenly, her phone rang. It was a call from S City. She picked up the phone in surprise. Normally, no one knew she came back, then from who this strange number was?

She was stunned for a while and finally decided to answer the phone. "Hello Hello (in Chinese). " She was not used to it as she just came back.

"Rita, it's Gina." Gina's voice came through unhurriedly. Even though they hadn't seen each other for many years, Rita still quickly recognized her voice.

Rita's voice was trembling. She didn't expect that the first person she contacted after returning home was Gina. "Hello, Gina."

"I heard that you have returned to S City. Why don't you come to my place?" Gina smiled, as if an elder cared about a younger generation.

In the past, Rita grew up with Chason, Richard and Angel. Obviously, they were the most intimate friends. Gina was very strict with her son. Generally speaking, Chason was not allowed to get too close to them, but Rita was an exception.

Indeed, Rita was really very outstanding. Whether from her family background or from her own perspective, she was the most eye-catching lady in this circle.

Rita was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. When she was a child, Gina often invited her to visit Chason. As time went by, she and Chason grew up together and had an intimate relationship. However, after so many years, she finally heard the news of his marriage abroad. Everything had changed. "Gina, I just came back. I'll come to see you when I'm free."

Rita said euphemistically and politely, but in fact, she refused bluntly. She couldn't bear to mention the past with Chason. It was not that she didn't want to visit Gina, but she was always a little

Rita knew very well that Gina would mention him sooner or later and that Chason was an unavoidable person. She tried her best to pretend as if nothing had happened. "Gina, of course, Chason and I were best friends in our childhood."

"Rita, you know very well that's not what I mean." Gina smiled, "In fact, he has never really forgotten you."

What's the point of saying that now? A trace of self-mockery appeared in Rita's eyes. It was she who gave up the relationship first. She really didn't have the courage to pursue those things that she had missed again. "Gina, if I'm not mistaken, Chason has been married. We are just friends. Please don't mention it again. "

When they were in high school, although they didn't officially express their love, they were already a couple in the eyes of people in the school. At that time, many girls wrote love letters to Chason and countless boys expressed their love to Rita, but they all knew it and never glanced at it.

After the college entrance examination, they got together naturally. At that time, he was totally different from what he was now. He was a gentle boy. He was also very good to Rita. They were just like all the couples in their school days, guarding the innocent love.

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