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   Chapter 120 We Cherish All Good Things We Have (Part One)

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After receiving the message, Chason rushed to the villa in the western suburbs. It was rare for his mother to say that she wanted to see him, now she invited him to the villa in the western suburbs for the first time. He felt sad. For so many years, his mother had never asked to see him for family affairs. Every time she came to him for business and interests.

This time, he had already guessed what was going on. But it was time to see her.

The villa in the western suburbs was both familiar and strange to him. He actually admired mother most deep down in his heart, but he didn't know how to get along with her for so many years. His mother's sternness and ability had influenced him a lot. He appreciated her, but he also resisted from the bottom of his heart. He only hoped that they could become normal mother and son, and in addition to the interests of the family, they had something else. Such as family affection and care. Just like Claire and Joanna, that was also the reason why he liked Joanna so much as soon as he saw her.

In the villa in the western suburbs, the Butler led Chason in and said, "Madam is in the kitchen."

"Kitchen?" Chason was stunned.

The Butler sighed, "Mrs. Gina insisted on making you a meal today."

A trace of guilt flashed through Chason's eyes. Although his mother had gone too far, she was still his mother. Perhaps over these years, as a son, he hadn't done enough. "Well, I'll go to the kitchen to see my mother myself."

It was a long corridor from the gate to the kitchen. He quickened his pace, but stopped in front of a photo frame.

Even though the photo had turned yellow, the frame was spotless. He recognized at a glance that the handsome man and the beautiful woman in the photo were his parents. He had never taken a family photo of the three of them alone for so many years. This was the

consciousness and hypocritical family moral principles, he sneered, "Mom, my family name is Jiang. But if someone from the Jiang Group dares to mess around, I will do everything I can to make him quit the business stage forever. Nowadays, this era is not what it used to be. Look, how many big families in our S City have disappeared? It's nothing more than the burden of some members of these families. "

He paused and finally spoke out his cruel words, "I'm just the grandson of the Gu family. I can't care about the Gu family. But I won't allow the Gu family to drag down the Jiang Group. After all, I am the heir of the Jiang Group now, and I have to be responsible for it. "

If he let the Gu family mess around again, it would affect the Jiang family sooner or later. If it was just about money, he didn't care, but the business world was always subtle and closely connected. If people in the business circle thought that the Jiang family was closely connected with the Gu family no matter what, they would definitely curry favor with the Gu family if they wanted to have a good relationship with Jiang family. When it became a routine, then sooner or later, some hidden families would slowly start to destroy the Jiang family.

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