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   Chapter 119 Born Loser (Part Two)

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Gina sneered, "if he is not the one who has made the decision in the past few years, I guess all the members of the Gu family are now eating dust bunnies with you."

Simon knew what his sister said was true, so he didn't dare to say a word.

"I remember what you told me before. Gu Group was not as profitable as before, but has always been in the profit mode. Why did Chason hector the Gu Group from the account?" Gina suddenly thought of something and asked him in confusion.

With his hands trembling, Simon said almost in a crying tone, "sister, those accounts have been falsified. How can the Gu Group make any profit? Even if we can make a fortune when the Jiang Group helps us, they take so many shares, and the profits are basically divided up."

Gina couldn't stand it anymore. She slammed the table with her hand, and the pain in her palm made her sober up. "Simone, are you useless things joking about our century old family business? Why didn't you tell me that the Gu Group had lost money for so long? You're doing fake accounts under Chason's management. Who do you think my son is? Can't he see it? "

After a while, Simon stuttered, "the family said that father wanted to let you manage the company back then. I... They don't allow me to tell you anything about the company. After all, you are not a member of the board of shareholders in the company... "

"Hahaha..." Gina laughed crazily. She had done so much for the Gu family, but they were suspecting her. "Well, then why do you come to beg me now? What does the life and death of the Gu Group have to do with me? Get out of here! "

This time, Simon realized

opping mall and bought some vegetables, which were all Chason's favorite dishes. The daughter of the Gu family could cook. She had taken a formal cooking class since childhood, and when Chason was a child, he liked to eat the dishes she cooked. Unfortunately, she hadn't cooked for her son for so many years.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she was cutting the vegetables. If nothing had happened to her husband, she would still be a gentle wife, the woman who would play the piano and dance every day, not the one who had been in business and intrigued with a group of men. She had no relatives, and her son was far away from her.

In her life, she had always thought that she was born in a good family and had never been short of food and clothing. She always stood at the top of the crowd, but suddenly she began to envy a lot of people, such as those old women who talked at the street corner and women who haggled in the vegetable market.

Yes, those women were not as noble, elegant and beautiful as her. But they must have a family, a husband and a child, and she had nothing.

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