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   Chapter 118 Born Loser (Part One)

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 6542

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Recently, the weather in S City was inexplicably good. The sun was always shining, and the smell of sunshine made people feel better.

In the garden of the villa in the western suburbs, Gina was wearing an expensive silk shawl. Some time ago, she went to Western Europe to take care of the business there. It seemed to be better here than in England, where it was always rainy. If it weren't for those troublesome people and things at home, no one would want to stay abroad for so long.

Gina was stroking the orange tabby in her arms with her newly manicured hand. Perhaps people were always like this. After being lonely for a long time, they fell in love with a little animal. "Honey, come on, be good."

"Mrs. Gina." The servant came over nervously with a stack of newspapers in her hands.

Gina was a little unhappy, "what's the matter? Didn't I tell you not to disturb me? " It was not easy for her to have a little leisure to bask in the sun. She was obviously in a bad mood after being disturbed.

The servant was a little embarrassed. She handed the newspaper to Gina and whispered in her ear, "Mrs. Gina, you can read the rest by yourself."

Gina suddenly threw the cat to the ground. The cat screamed in the grass and jumped into the flower bed nearby.

The headline of the newspaper was "The wedding of the president of the Jiang Group and his wife again".

"Ridiculous!" Gina angrily threw the newspaper to the ground and asked, "what's wrong with Chason?"

The servant shook her head and said, "this is a piece of newspaper that blocked down by Mr. Mr. Chason didn't invite a single member of the Jiang family to his wedding. If the news spreads and any opponent takes it against him, Mr. Chason's reputation will be ruined."

Even if Chason thought that this wedding was different and only wanted to spend it with the closest person, the public opinion would only lead the topic to the sigh of Chason breaking up with the Jiang

ween the Gu Group and the Jiang Group was a rule set by their ancestors. Now it had a tradition of seventy years. Although the Gu Group was not as good as before in the past ten years, with the help of the Jiang Group, there was still a large amount of capital chain flowing in. But if the Jiang Group really wanted to cancel the cooperation, then with the current situation of the Gu Group, it was likely that it would not last long.

Gina clenched her fists. What she was most worried about would come in the end. Her son was no longer the wily old bird of the Jiang family. He was an ambitious eagle. His goal was not to maintain the status of the Jiang family, but to establish a business empire that was separated from the Jiang family. "He Why did he suddenly make this decision? "

"I... I don't know either. All of a sudden, at the general shareholder's meeting, Chason took out the bill of our recent years, and then told me something about the accounts of our Gu Group, saying that he would take back all the investment of the Jiang Group in the Gu Group. Our family has treated them very well. Although I am the chairman, he was the man who has made decision over the years. " Simon rambled, with an expression of grievance on his face. He didn't look like a person in his thirties at all.

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