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   Chapter 117 Let Her Go (Part Two)

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The woman's intuition was indeed unparalleled. Anna smiled and said, "and have you seen it? In fact, the dishes ordered by Angel were all Richard's favorite. Unfortunately, they used to like each other, but in the end, they were not meant to be together. "

Claire couldn't help admiring Anna. How could she be so generous? At the same time, Claire was a little flustered. A man like Chason must has been liked by many girls in the past. If one day there was a person that he once liked in front of her, what should she do? Forget it, Claire would not dare to think further.

How could she face all these? Maybe she couldn't be as generous as Anna.

"Let's go. Let's pretend that nothing had happened just now. " Anna smiled, "I don't care about his past. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been with him. What I care about is that from now on, I am the only one in his heart."

"Okay." Claire nodded and went back to the box with Anna.

As they expected, Angel had left first. Anna shook her long hair that she was proud of and pretended to be surprised. "Eh, where is Angel?"

"She has something urgent to deal with. She left juts now." Chason glanced at his good friend and said as if nothing had happened.

Claire stuck out her tongue secretly in the bottom of her heart. These people were all good at acting. She patted Chason, trying to make the atmosphere more lively. "The goods in the counter are so expensive that I can't afford them. Please help me."

"Okay, I'll take you to buy whatever you like later." Chason touched Claire's head and said, "well, the dishes are ready. Let's eat. Let's celebrate our four weddings. "

Everyone clinked glasses. Anna smiled and said, "our honeymoon

o the point. Claire felt that although she was now his wife, more often than not, she didn't feel like a wife, but rather a little girl who was spoiled by him. She wasn't a little girl anymore, but in the face of him, she would always act like a little girl from time to time.

Taking advantage of the time of the traffic light, Claire raised her body a little and kissed on the right cheek of Chason. Then she quickly sat on the passenger seat, pretending that nothing had happened.

Without caring that he was driving, Chason turned Claire's face and kissed her hard. "Just now doesn't count. I didn't kiss you."

All of a sudden, she regretted that she had kissed him. Although it was in the car and it was a first-class car, people could still see something faintly outside. "Don't be naughty. You are still driving."

"Okay. You'd better behave yourself when I drive. Otherwise, for the sake of our safety, I may find a place to stop at any time and make out with you."

Claire blushed again when she heard what he said. She remembered that she would have sex with him after going back tonight, and her heart beat fast.

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