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   Chapter 112 Angel's Request (Part One)

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With a smile, Richard pointed at Angel and said, "Anna, this is the childhood friend I told you before, Angel. Now she is the best wedding planner in the world. "

"So you are Angel." Anna politely stretched out her hands and said, "I finally see the real person."

A complicated look flashed through Angel's eyes, "hello."

She didn't know if she should feel lucky that Richard would mention her to another woman, or should she cry or laugh?

She had thought that the woman who could match the man she loved deeply must be a very beautiful and excellent woman. But when she saw Anna today, although she was a beautiful woman, she was far less beautiful than herself. But so what? Richard only had Anna in his eyes.

Angel's heart was filled with sorrow. The Richard in front of her made her feel familiar but strange. He was still the same man, but he had changed after all.

He used to be a handsome man, but he was a typical playboy. She didn't say she liked him at that time. She always wanted him to turn around and find her when he had enough fun one day. When the day came, he finally began to be faithful, but was to another woman.

Although the complicated look in Angel's eyes disappeared in an instant, it was still noticed by Anna. The atmosphere suddenly became a little embarrassing. Chason gently pulled Claire towards the three of them.

"I almost forgot to propose a toast to our wedding planner." Chason picked up the red wine and smiled at Angel, "thank you again."

Angel came back to her senses and shook her glass. "Today is actually a good day with double blessings. On the one hand, it's a wedding of you. On the other hand, it's rare for us to meet each other since childhood. Chee

isfied with the wedding?"

She couldn't help nodding, and tears fell instantly. "Chason, you are such a fool. You made a big surprise without saying a word, and I thought you had an affair." A man suddenly became busy without any explanation. How could she not think about it?

Chason felt both funny and angry, "Claire! Don't you trust me? "

"No!" She hugged him tightly and said angrily, "I just... I'm just afraid... " 'I am afraid of losing you, because I love you, so I am particularly unconfident.'

He felt guilty and comforted her, "Claire, our relationship is not that fragile. You can rest assured about me. But it's also my fault. I should have explained it to you. But I'm not good at lying. I'm afraid that I can't keep this surprise if I say too much. "

"It's not your fault." With a mischievous smile on her face, Claire said, "Chason, don't you think I'm becoming more and more sentimental?" She remembered that she was not such a narrow-minded woman before, but now she always cry in front of him, and only in front of him.

Chason couldn't help laughing, "so what? I like you to be sentimental and silly for me. "

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