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   Chapter 57 You Are The Only One In My Heart

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Chason glared at Rachel and took Claire's hand, walking to the barbecue table nearby.

Different from Rachel who wore casual clothes, Chason liked to wear suits all the year round, and the color was mainly black, white and gray. At that time, Claire came to the Jiang family and laughed at his wardrobe. Although he had many clothes, but they all looked the same.

Chason glanced at the barbecue table and took off his suit. Yes, it was inappropriate to stand here in such a formal suit. Seeing him rolling up his sleeves, Claire couldn't help smiling. "Are you really going to roast it yourself? "

"Don't worry." Chason stared at Rachel in the distance angrily. It was not easy for him to show off in front of his beloved woman, but his best friend was the opposite of help.

Claire smiled and bent down. When she was about to prepare the barbecue, Chason picked her up and said, "I'll just do it, you sit by and wait to eat."

Although she was deeply suspicious of the man's cooking skills, she had no choice but to step aside and wait for him to cook for her.

Chason did it in a good manner. Not long after, the attractive fragrance spread out, which made Claire swallow. "It smells good."

"Ouch, Chason, you really know how to roast?" Holding his little girlfriend's waist, Rachel walked all the way and stared at him in surprise.

Raising his eyebrows, Chason forked a piece of roasted meat and handed it to Claire, "Claire, have a taste. See what it tastes like." Then he turned to the two people who were walking over and said, "don't come humping for food. "

Claire put the meat into her mouth with a smile. She thought the man was just pretending, but she didn't expect that the meat was really amazing. The outer part of the meat was charred, and the seasoning mixed with the meat soup was completely integrated into the flesh, which was tender and delicate.

"Is it delicious?" Chason smiled gently.

Seeing this, Rachel finally believed that his good friend had fallen into the whirlpool of love.

Claire nodded in surprise, "it's delicious. One more. " As soon as she finished speaking, she realized that there was someone else here. She stuck out her tongue with embarrassment and said, "I didn't expect you can cook. "

It was rare that a young man from a rich family could cook barbecue himself, and cook it so well.

Without waiting for Chason's reply, Rachel, who couldn't bear to see them show off their love, muttered, "Chason, you used to come to my house to eat and drink. And I asked you to peel a potato, but you said you couldn't. "

Rachel had always been fond of cooking, and he was also good at cooking. In their circle, he was a rare man who could cook.

Chason didn't even look at him. Instead, he smiled dotingly at the little woman and continued to roast meat for her. "I'm afraid that my cook

rticularly likely to feel sleepy. "The scenery here is so beautiful. I don't want to sleep."

After all, such a quiet and good time seemed not easy for them to get.

"Silly girl." Chason rubbed her hair again and said, "if you like here, I'll take you here every week." He could even build a farm for her, but he didn't say that, lest the little woman would look at him in surprise again.

Claire picked up a maple leaf and said with a smile, "in fact, as long as you are with me, you and our child are fine, I feel that wherever I am, I am very happy."

Hearing her words, Chason was a little stunned. He suddenly hugged her and said, "Claire, that's also my idea."

After so many things, especially when he thought he was really going to lose her, for the first time he began to envy those ordinary people.

Maybe they didn't have such wealth, power and reputation as him. However, no matter how rich and shining he was, if there was no one around him to be in love with, what a sorry and sad thing that would be?

"So, Claire, promise me. Don't leave me no matter what happens in the future, okay? " Chason looked into her eyes affectionately, with unprecedented tenderness in his eyes.

She nodded, "as long as you don't betray our love, I will be with you forever."

They would be together forever! What a beautiful oath. Chason lowered his head and kissed her forehead. "Claire, I'll carry you back to my room to have a rest."

"No, thanks." Claire put her small hand into his big hand and smiled, "I can walk by myself. Let's go back and have a rest. "

Chason smiled and held the little woman's hand tightly. They passed through the maple forest covered with leaves, a long corridor and several alleys, and finally arrived at the guest room area.

Chason used the key to open the door, and the door was opened with a bang. The two looked at the room and fell into silence.

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