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   Chapter 55 I Will Spoil You

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It had been a long time since he held the little woman to sleep. Last night, finally, Chason could hold her in his arms for the whole night.

He didn't know if this woman had done something magic to him. Although they didn't do anything, he was very excited. Although he felt uncomfortable, he was satisfied in his heart.

Of course, Chason, who didn't dare to mess around, went to the bathroom to take a cold shower at night. Naturally, Claire felt sorry for him. The two of them didn't go to bed until very late.

Claire had been drowsy since she was pregnant. Especially when she didn't go to work, it was natural for her to sleep late. She slowly got up and washed up. When she was about to go downstairs for breakfast, she was hugged from behind.

Claire was shocked. She turned around and saw Chason. His eyes were full of tenderness. "Why didn't you go to work?"

Chason gently flicked the forehead of the woman in his arms and smiled, "Silly. It is weekend, and I don't have much work to do in the company recently. I'll stay at home with you. "

"Really?" Claire smiled in surprise.

Chason nodded and took the little woman to have breakfast. "Claire, the weather is good today. Do you want to go out for a walk?"

While eating the tea eggs he had peeled for her, Claire nodded, "Okay, okay, but where are we going?"

Although she was lazy and liked to stay at home, it didn't mean that she didn't like to go out all the time.

It had been a long time since she was kidnapped. She seldom went out since then.

Looking at the happy look of the little woman, Chason felt both happy and guilty. He remembered that he had locked her up after that accident. Although it was for her good, Claire was still wronged.

After having breakfast with satisfaction, Claire specially put on a light makeup. She pinched her face in front of the mirror. Probably because she was taken good care of during her pregnancy, she felt that her skin was better than before.

Maybe this was what a woman would do for her lover. Claire, who didn't like makeup, deliberately dressed herself up today.

Chason's eyes lit up when he saw her dressing up. He had seen many pregnant girls, and almost all of them had a bad figure, but only his little woman didn't become ugly. Instead, she was more radiant and attractive.

Being stared at by the man for a long time, Claire felt a little embarrassed. She lowered her head and mumbled, "Why are you looking at me like this?"

"My wife is beautiful." Chason pinched her soft cheek and felt more satisfied. "Come on, get in the car."

Sitting on the front passenger seat, Claire looked at him in surprise. Today, the man drove an Audi, which was the cheapest car in the Jiang family.

The point was that he hadn't taken the driver with him.

It seemed that he had seen through the little woman's mind. He smiled, fastened the seat belt for Claire, and took the opportunity to kiss her, making her shy.

Claire took a nap in the car. When she opened her eyes again, she found that the car was parked in front of the International Trade Building.

She was stunned. She had thought that the man would take her to some beautiful countryside for a walk, but she didn't expect him to take her shoppin

trickled down Louis' forehead. The boss was furious, would it affect his job?

He turned to the staff and scolded with a sullen face, "Although our physical shop aims at high-end customers, everyone who enters our shop is our customer and they are God to us. If this kind of thing happens again, don't stay in the Jiang Group anymore. " Then he turned around and bent down carefully. "Mr. Chason, what do you think?"

The Jiang Group? Hearing that, Claire was stunned. Was the whole International Trade Building the property of the Jiang family?

Oh my God! Last time she went to a hospital, it turned out that the hospital was owned by the Jiang family. She went to a banquet and found that the whole sea area was owned by the Jiang family. Now she went shopping and found that the whole trade building was the property of the Jiang family.

There were always so many surprises around Chason.

Everyone bowed to agree, and that shopping guide drew a long face now. Although she was just a shopping guide here, the salary of the Jiang Group was much higher than that of companies.

Louis shook his head. He was not a person who wouldn't forgive his subordinate, but he didn't dare to offend Chason.

"I'll give you a chance. Transfer her to the Logistics Department. If you make such a mistake again, I think you know what to do. " Chason said seriously. He didn't want to keep such a staff who didn't respect guests.

Claire smiled with relief. After all, he was a young man who could take the lead in the business world. He was both strict and tolerant with employees.

When they came out with a pile of clothes, Claire couldn't help but complain, "You are such a spendthrift to buy so many clothes."

He rubbed her head and said, "Anyway, it's our own shop. We can also make money when we spend it."

Claire glared at him and said, "Your business is everywhere, isn't it? You said you were here to play with me, but it seems I'm just here to check the work of your subordinate with you. "

Looking at the cute look of the little woman, Chason laughed and said dotingly, "Now, I will definitely take you to a place that does not belong to me."

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