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   Chapter 54 I Just Want To Live A Good Life With You

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Hearing his decision, a few tears flashed through Victor's eyes, but he tried his best to hold them back. "Thank you, Chason and Jarred." Then he turned to Claire and said, "Miss Claire, I apologize for my daughter. "

The middle-aged man in front of her was also a famous man in S City, but at this moment, he was just an ordinary father who was apologizing for his daughter's fault.

With mixed feelings, Claire said in a low voice, "Uncle Victor, you flattered me. "

Chason stood up and nodded at Victor. Then he turned to Jarred and said, "grandpa, do you think it's okay?"

With his brows smoothed a little, Jarred nodded and said, "it's the best for everyone to do so. "

After this matter, Jarred was more satisfied with his grandson.

He was decisive, not vicious, considerate and principled. It must be a good thing for the Jiang family to have such a grandson in charge of their future.

As a man of experience, Jarred didn't think it was a bad thing. At least he could clearly feel that the relationship between his grandson and granddaughter-in-law had broken through. Moreover, from this matter, he also felt that he was not wrong. Claire was a girl of integrity and courage, and she could afford to be the wife of Chason.

"Let Miss Rena out." Chason said indifferently, "I will send someone to complete all the formalities for her to go abroad. She just needed to wait for a few days. She could go there directly. I hope she will repent and never do such a stupid thing again. "

As soon as Chason's words spread, the servant who was sent to guard Rena immediately opened the door and said, "Miss Rena, your father will take you back."


It had only been one day since this incident happened, and Rena seemed to have changed into another person. Her makeup was messed up by tears, making her face look dirty.

Perhaps, this was the most embarrassing day in her life.

When she was a child, she had been bullied by her brothers, but she was not so miserable. At least at that time, no matter how aggrieved she was, she still had some hope.

It seemed that there was always a young man older than her. He was like a noble prince, standing in front of her and looking down on that group of people who bullied her. Even if he didn't say anything, no one dared to make a sound.

Then the cold young man reached out his hand and gently helped her up. "Are you okay? I'm Chason. "

Chason? It was the first time they met.

This beautiful name was always engraved in her heart with that young man.

But now, it was also this young man, no, it was Chason who had grown up, but sent someone to imprison her here.

It was him again that gave her all her hope and tenderness. When Rena thought he really loved her, she realized that the tenderness in those days was just a scheme to lure her out.

Ah, she showed a bitter smile. When she was about to stand up and leave, she saw Chason coming in.

Even at this moment, when she saw him, her heart beat fast. "Chas... What do you want to do with me? "

"For the sake of your father, I'll give you a chance

and said, "grandpa, he doesn't believe me. Did I do a good job? "

Jarred laughed, "not bad, just a little worse than me. "

The reason why he stayed here was that he was afraid that his granddaughter-in-law would be in a bad mood. But he didn't expect that Claire was still optimistic after this disaster. Seeing this result, he was relieved.

Now that her grandson was back, he didn't want to disturb the private time of the two kids. He found an excuse and went back first.

"What do you think? She agreed to leave? " Claire asked about Rena immediately.

Chason nodded.

He knew that even if Rena was reluctant to leave in a short time, it must be a good choice for her in the long run. "Claire, you won't blame me for what I did, will you? "

After all, this punishment was far from enough than the harm that Rena had done to his wife.

Claire shook her head and said, "I can understand you, and... And I understand Uncle Victor. " As she spoke, a trace of loss appeared in her eyes.

Chason held her in his arms and said, "don't think about it anymore. It's all over. From now on, I won't let anyone bully or hurt you. "

"I'm fine, Chason. I just envy Rena. " It was rare for Claire to be so depressed, which made Chason feel sorry for her.

He kissed the little woman's forehead and said, "don't be silly. Why do you envy her? "

"I think Uncle Victor loves her very much." Claire said after a while.

At this moment, Chason understood what she was sad about. He couldn't bear it anymore and hugged her tightly. "Claire, it's enough for you to have me."

Well, even if she didn't know what would happen in the future, at least now she had a man by her side who loved her, shouldn't she be satisfied?

Leaning against his chest, Claire murmured, "Chason, so many things have happened these days. From now on, I just want to live a good life with you."

He nodded fiercely. For him, this must be the most beautiful honeyed words in the world.

To live with the one he loved, watch sunrise and sunset were what he wanted the most.

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