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   Chapter 53 Mrs. Tiffany, Please Go Back

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"Grandpa." Chason held Claire's hand and went downstairs. Seeing that Jarred just walked into the living room with one hand holding a walking stick and the other hand held by a servant, Chason asked, "Grandpa, are you here to see your great grandson?"

Jarred's face was not very good. He pounded the floor with his walking stick, and the wood floor in the living room immediately creaked.

Claire took her hand out of Chason's and walked quickly to Jarred, helped him sit down on the sofa and said, "Grandpa, please sit down first."

Hearing that, Jarred's expression softened a little. He took a sip of the hot tea handed over by the servant and said slowly, "Chason, good boy, you have made such a big trouble. Shouldn't I come to see you?"

"Grandpa, I'm fine with Claire, and so is the baby in her belly. How could something bad happen?" Chason also took Claire to sit down with a lively tone, as if he was really talking about family affairs with Jarred.

Jarred coughed and stared at his grandson with a gloomy face. "Don't pretend. It is such a big thing that is known to all in the city. Your grandpa is still alive. How could you fool me with something else? "

"Ja Grandpa, that thing... " Claire wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by Chason, "Grandpa, I think you know better than I do about Rena." His voice became serious, not as playful as before.

Jarred sighed. Since Chason came to ask him about Rena, he must know the whole thing.

Rena He plotted to murder Claire, especially his great grandson. It must be a lie if he said he was not angry. But as a matter between two big families. How could it be so simple?

Jarred shook his head and sighed, "Boy, the He family is also a prestigious family. How can you put those things in public like this?"

Oh Did the He family beg for mercy?

Chason raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Grandpa, I won't attack unless I'm attacked. You taught me this when I was very young. "

Jarred shook his head. After all, he was his grandson. A young man who had just returned to China and taken over the company for three years, and could develop the Jiang Group to such a large scale. Chason's cruelty was also a character that a successful entrepreneur should have.

If it was about someone else, he would not care. His grandson would definitely be able to control himself, and even make the Jiang family go further. But it was about the girl from the He family. If things got worse

"My boy, you know that He family once helped us Jiang family, so I hope you can turn big problems into small ones and small problems into no problems at all. I have taught you how to step backward, haven't I? "

Help? Chason frowned and thought for a while, then he remembered a very distant thing.

That was sixty years ago. At that time, Jiang Group was just founded by Jarred, and Jiang family was just a small family in S city. And He family was at its most glorious time.

Not like now, in that era, big families often tried to annex small enterprises in order to get more wealth and power. At that time, the Jiang Group was a big fat for Qin family, which was the head of the three great families 'He, Gu and Qin'.

If He family h

a woman in charge of the family, teach a good child? No wonder Rena could do that thing.

Chason leaned back a little lazily into the sofa and touched Claire's head dotingly, as if they were just talking about family affairs, not such a heavy topic. "Mr. Victor, I'll talk to you about it. Mrs. Tiffany, please go back. "

Mrs. Tiffany's face darkened.

She had never suffered such a humiliation in her life, and Chason was of a younger generation. She was about to lose her temper, but she held it back.

She couldn't afford to offend the Jiang family and Chason.

After Mrs. Tiffany left angrily, Chason' attitude softened a lot. "Mr. Victor, don't worry. I won't do anything to the He family this time. " He paused, "But do you know what Mrs. Tiffany has done outside these years?"

Victor He's face turned pale. He had always turned a blind eye to what his wife had done. But he didn't expect that this woman was so cruel to trade her daughter for the glory and wealth of the He family.

In fact, he was very clear in his heart that if Rena wanted to marry Chason so much, his wife must had done something behind it.

"It's all my fault. I indulged her these years," Victor He sighed. The middle-aged man seemed to get older. "But Rena is still young. After all, she is the daughter of the He family. She can't go to jail, or her life will be ruined. "

Looking at Victor He's sad face, Claire suddenly felt sad. If only her father would think of her like this. Unfortunately, her father

"Okay." Chason nodded. He was going to ruin Rena. At this moment, he decided to give her a chance. After all, Jiang family had got some help from their ancestors. "Send her abroad, and never appear in front of us again."

He could do this favor for the He family.

Over the years, the Jiang family had given the He family too much power. It was time for him to beat Mrs. Tiffany. He didn't do the favor for Mrs. Tiffany, but for Victor He. He wanted Victor He to have some real power.

As long as the He family restrained themselves, he would let it go. But if it happened again, the He family would never exist in S city.

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