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   Chapter 52 I Like You

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 10127

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After the press conference, Claire and Chason had been silent all the way. They had been married in a hurry for only a few months, but a lot of things had happened.

"You can think about how to deal with Rena." After a long time, Chason broke the silence first.

"Let me deal with her?"

Claire could see that this man really wanted to vent his anger for her.

When they arrived at the Jiang family, he took off his coat and lay on the sofa lazily, which was rare to see.

He was really tired these days. There were a lot of things to deal with in the company, and he had to deal with the things behind Claire. In fact, these were not bad. The most important thing was that Claire did not believe him at all.

"As I said, if you really want to peel off her skin, even punish the whole He family, I can help you make it." Seeing that his woman was still skeptical, Chason frowned and said in a cold and firm voice.

Claire smiled bitterly. This man was really vindictive.

When she was kidnapped, she really hated the man who kidnapped her. But at that time, she thought it was all done by him, so the hatred inexplicably triumphed over her.

When she knew that the person kidnapped her was Rena, coupled with the current situation of her, although she was so angry at that time that she slapped her in the face, she could not bear to do so now. "I don't want to see her again. As for other things, I don't care. But, just stop before it's too late. "

After going through so much, Claire still knew that a woman like Rena was not the most terrible one for her. What she was more worried about was that at the beginning, she thought she could stay in the Jiang family for a year without fighting against the world, but now it seemed that it was difficult to realize this wish.

Claire knew that she couldn't be softhearted on this matter, but she didn't want to fall into the name of bullying others with power as soon as she entered this circle. Even if she was now the madam of the Jiang family and cared by Chason, she seemed to be able to lose all these at any time.

However, the expression on Chason's face was a little complicated. For no reason, he began to feel sorry for the woman beside him. In his world, as long as Claire wanted to do something, she should have no scruples. "In fact, you..."

"Chason, let's stop talking about it." She was really tired.

Noticing the tiredness in the woman's eyes, Chason knew that he should deal with the rest. He hugged Claire and said, "I'll take you upstairs to have a rest. "

It was rare that the woman in his arms leaned against him obediently without any resistance.

Claire was carried all the way to the bedroom by him. When he gently put her down and was about to turn on the light, he was suddenly pulled by the woman. "I'm sorry. "

In the darkness, the two people instantly fell silent. In the huge bedroom, they could only hear the subtle breathing of each other.

In the end, no matter what a bad situation she had with Chason, at least th

eakfast for her, or when he prepared a pile of drawing tools for her... Even when he took her to set off fireworks on the roof of the hospital and everything he had done for her

Claire recalled it all, she bit her lips in surprise. It turned out that he had done so much for her in such a short time.

And she, in so many inadvertent moments, had already fallen in love with him.

Claire was sitting on the bed and thinking about all this, but was pulled out of her mind by the maid's hurried knock on the door. "Mrs. Claire..."

What was it? Claire stunned and looked at the servant who was knocking at the door and asked, "what's wrong?"

"Mr. Jarred is here. " The servant said anxiously.

Grandpa was here? It seemed that his grandfather was always like this. Every time he came, he seemed to show up out of nowhere. Now that Chason was in the bathroom, she couldn't urge him. It seemed that she had to go first.

Claire gritted her teeth and said, "wait a minute. " She put on a coat and tidied up the traces on the bed that Chason and her has made just now. When she was about to go downstairs in a hurry, she saw that Chason only wore a bath towel and rushed out of the bathroom.

"You..." Looking at his topless body, the servant went downstairs wisely. On the contrary, Claire's heart, which had been calmer a moment ago, began to beat uncontrollably.

The good-looking line mixed with his tight skin looked very harmonious. "Claire, are you obsessed with me? "

"No, I am not." She turned around shyly.

It was not because she was hypocritical. Because It was Chason. She admitted that she was fascinated by his body.

Chason pulled her over, held her tightly and whispered, "I'll make you obsess with me later. You can became obsessed as long as you want. Now, we have to deal with grandpa. "

They knew clearly why his grandpa came here. However, at this moment, Claire was not nervous or uneasy at all.

Facing his keen eyes, she gently held his hand and followed him downstairs.

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