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   Chapter 51 Slap Her For The Child

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Just as Claire wanted to say something, suddenly someone was knocking on the door of the VIP room. The security guard's voice came from outside, "Miss Rena... Miss Rena, please leave with us. "

"Let me go... I want to see him. Let me go! " A shrill female voice came from the door.

Chason stood up and opened the door. Outside the door stood Rena, who was wretched. At this moment, she was no longer as delicate as she used to be. The make-up mixed with tears in her beautiful face looked particularly incompatible.

Chason turned around and walked to Claire. Holding her hand, he looked coldly at the security guards and servants in front of the door and asked, "who let her in?"

The servants who were holding Rena's hand turned pale with fright. "Mr. Chason, we stopped Miss Rena, but... But... "

However, Rena didn't listen to their advice at all. She didn't believe it at all. "Chason, are you hiding something from me? You won't abandon me, will you? "

Chason sneered and held [林岚]'s hand tightly. "I have told you that I will only have one wife in my life. Now, you're the one who got yourself into trouble. "

Rena's face became paler and paler, with beads of sweat falling down from her forehead. She gritted her teeth and looked at them with hatred.

She didn't believe that she and Chason had grown up together. The boy who had protected her in front of everyone was so cruel that he had watched her walk on the road of despair.

As soon as the news conference came out, not to mention that Rena would never marry into the Jiang family in her life, even no good family in the country would want her.

As for the He family, knowing that they couldn't afford to offend the Jiang family, Rena, who was not favored in the first place, would definitely be used as a chess piece for the He family to make amends. She might end up in prison, or even worse.

As for Gina, mother of Chason and the nominal godmother of her, although she had protected her before, her goal was to increase the power of the Gu family. But now she was a useless chess piece, and Gina would not help her at all.

At this moment, it was a good thing that she didn't kick her while she was down.

"Chason." Rena grabbed the hem of his clothes and said, "for the sake of our growing up together, please don't do this to me. "

If she didn't love him so much, how could she do such a thing?

Chason frowned and shook off Rena's hands in disgust.

This girl used to be very cute and innocent, but now she was no longer the girl who had been bullied in the He family's villa.

In fact, he was nostalgic for the past. If Rena didn't continue to provoke Claire, he didn't intend to accuse her all the time. After all, she didn't harm him. She had grown up together with him. He would give Rena and the He family a warning, but not destroy her life.

But Chason didn't expect that his pat

at confused her was what was good about this man? Since this woman loved him so much that she even went crazy.

"This is not the reason why you hurt me and my child. I won't forgive you." Claire said slowly.

Rena sneered, "do you think I'm here to ask for your forgiveness? I just want to have a look at him. I want him to take a look at me, even just one look. "

But he didn't. He was no longer what he used to be. His coldness had long hurt her heart.

"Especially, do you know what the most hateful thing is? Claire, I hate your indifference the most! Tell me, do you really not care about him? Why should he love you? "

Why, in the eyes of the other woman, the man she cared about so much, she did not care at all.

'Does Chason love me?'

She didn't care what he said or what the butler said to her. She didn't care about this at all. But now, it was said by the woman who almost killed her child.

Unable to speak for a long time, Claire finally stood up and slapped on Rena's face. "No matter why you got up, I slap you for my child. "

Rena was stunned by the sudden slap, and it took her a long time to react. Chason, who was guarding in front of the door, heard the noise and ran in, "Claire!"

"I'm fine." Looking at the man who was rushing to her, Claire said, "I'll leave the rest to you. I need her to pay for my child. But since we are safe now, there is no need to punish her too severely. "

This was not forgiveness. For a moment, she suddenly felt that Rena looked exactly like herself at that time.

When she was most helpless, Lucas appeared in her world and she fell in love with him at that time.

Maybe that was not love. After so many years, Claire suddenly found that it was just the most helpless mental dependence.

Looking at the somewhat absent-minded Rena, Chason frowned and said to the servants, "send Rena back to the He family and let them wait for my punishment."

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