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   Chapter 48 I Am A Pervert By All Means

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 10405

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Although she still lived in this magnificent villa and had the best food and clothing, Claire felt that she had been in prison.

"Mrs. Claire, Mr. Chason told you not to go out at will."

Claire just stayed in the room for half a day and couldn't stand it anymore. She had planned to sneak out when Chason was not in the villa, but was stopped at the gate by a servant who came out of nowhere.

Although she felt wronged, she didn't want to make things difficult for everyone. Now she looked at the sky through the window and felt that she was not as good as a stray dog.

Perhaps it was because she was upset, Claire couldn't even do her favorite thing. She drew a picture and modified it for a long time. But she was still dissatisfied with it, so she tore it up.

She was not in the mood to do what she liked, let alone eat. The food of Jiang family was really delicious. She had a good appetite in the past and was not affected by pregnancy at all. But now facing the food brought by the servants, she couldn't eat anything even though it was her favorite food

"Mrs. Claire, please eat some. "

"Take it out." As Claire said, she retched for a while. Other women would have a strong reaction when they were just pregnant. She was better than that period, but now she had a reaction.

Claire didn't eat, but a group of servants suffered. Everyone tried to comfort and persuade Claire, but at this moment, she was no longer the easy-going madam, but like a capricious lady.

Till night, Claire had been locked in the room and lying on the bed. She did nothing but drink some water.

When Chason opened the door and came in, he said without blinking his eyes, "Claire, get up and have dinner."

One day, there were a lot of things to deal with in the company. When he just finished his work, he heard from the butler that Claire didn't want to eat all day long. How could she do that? What if she was starving.

However, Claire still closed her eyes and didn't want to talk to Chason at all.

"Claire!" Chason was furious. He pulled her up, stirred the food with a spoon and was about to feed her, "don't you eat and wait for me to feed you?"

In fact, Claire hated people who lost their temper without eating. When she was in the Lin family's house, Fiona locked the door and refused to eat or drink in the bedroom. She was disgusted with such behavior.

She didn't know what was wrong with her. It seemed that she didn't know how to deal with this man except not eating or drinking.

She knew that she couldn't escape, and even if Chason didn't care about her, he cared about the baby in her belly. She was hungry, so was the baby in her belly.

Finally, they were in a stalemate. Chason couldn't stand it anymore. He threw the bowl to the ground and grabbed Claire's arm. "What the hell do you want to do? Do you want to starve to death? "

This man could also lose control sometimes?

With a sneer, Claire squinted at the angry man and said, "let me go. I'll take care of myself as usual and make sure you have a healthy child. " She paused, "otherwise, even if I die in this ho

y she is pregnant with Mr. Chason's child. I don't know if this child is his or not."

"How poor Chason is! Why does he fall in love with such a woman? Her appearance and family background are so ordinary. There are indeed that ugly people always make trouble."

"Chason is so kind that he doesn't have the heart to divorce after being cuckolded."

Being imprisoned, Claire had no idea what had happened outside at all. But it didn't mean that others didn't know.

When Rena saw the news, an unprecedented sense of satisfaction arose spontaneously. Claire, you also have today.

Thanks to her idea, it was much better than kidnapping Claire directly.

Rena knew Chason very well. In other words, no man could bear that his woman had an affair with another man, not to mention that this man was Chason, who was proud and arrogant.

Needless to say, her time had come. As long as she could get close to and comfort Chason in such a depressed situation. Sooner or later, he would see her merits.

As for that child, Rena was not worried at all. What Jarred wanted was only a great grandson, and she could have one too. Rich families never mind having one more child, but they would only need one madam.

Thinking of this, she couldn't miss this opportunity. As far as she knew about men, it was one of the most angry and low times for a man. At this time, if she appeared beside Chason, she could easily restore her gentle and considerate image.

Then she would push forward the public opinion, and the Jiang family would not allow a woman who was immoral to be the wife of Chason. Even if Claire had the blood of the Jiang family. In addition, Gina would support her. That would be great. The more Rena thought about it, the happier she would be. After waiting for so many years, this day finally came.

Thinking of this, Rena took off her coat and went into the kitchen. She ordered the servants to prepare the food stuff. She wanted to make a bowl of the porridge that Chason liked and send it to him.

How could Claire deserve to snatch a man from her?

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