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   Chapter 41 It Is Not Worth It For Her

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The woman's icy cold voice came into his ears little by little, like a knife cut.

The next second, he grabbed the woman's wrist and got close to her angrily. "Claire, do you suspect me? How dare you suspect me? "

He didn't close his eyes the whole night. He looked for her the whole night, but she suspected that the kidnapper was sent by him!

Claire squinted at the man who hurt her deeply and sneered, "I'm not suspecting, I'm sure! "

There were a few more sadness and heartache in his eyes, but in the end, they all turned into anger. He didn't know where to start to explain, "Claire!"

What happened? How could she be so sure that it was him who sent the kidnapper?

Seeing that the man in front of her was a little angry, Claire was somewhat happy in her heart. "Chason, are you angry because you are exposed? It's a pity that I and my baby are fine. Are you disappointed? "

All the anger, the tearing rage that was raging desperately in his heart, fell silent at the mouth.

After a long time, Chason's almost cold voice sounded in the slightly empty ward, "Claire, remember what you said today."

He stood up and walked out of the ward without looking back.

He was self-sentimental. In the eyes of this paranoid woman, he was a ruthless and uncaring man. No matter how hard he tried and how much he wanted to be good to her, even if he gave her everything that women in the world wanted, she would not care.

He left without looking back and didn't see the woman on the bed crying quietly.

Let it be. No matter what he thought, she would never have any fantasy about him. Just now, the doctor said that it was not easy to keep the baby. Now she had to have a good rest and could not be emotional any more.

This was probably the magic of being a mother. Ever since she felt the existence of the baby, even if she couldn't accept it at the beginning. But at this moment, for the sake of the child, nothing mattered.

When she felt better, she would leave the Jiang family. As he wished.

In the next few days, as she expected, that heartless man never came to see her again.

"Mr. Chason, you have been drinking alone for several nights. You can't drink anymore." The butler was worried about him.

Without raising his head, Chason said in a low voice, "give me the wine."

In the daytime, he worked hard in the company. In the past, if there was anything bothering him, he could forget it as long as he worked hard.

But now, it was okay when he was working, but as long as he put aside his work, all he could think about was Claire's face.

The butler held the bottle tightly and said, "Mr. Chason, Mrs. Claire and the child are all safe now. Although the criminal hasn't been found yet, we will catch him sooner or later. Don't drink, Mr. Chason. Drinking is bad for your health. "

"Give it to me." He snapped. As soon as he heard the butler mention Mrs. Claire, he got angry and asked, "how's the investigation going? "

The butler looked at him with embarrassment. Generally speaking, there was nothing that the Jiang family could not find out, but it was strange that after so long, there

mother's home. "

Although it was not obvious, Gina instantly understood what his son meant. Chason was telling her not to try to get anything that did not belong to the Gu family from him.

He was her son, but also a member of the Jiang family.

She shook her head and said, "no matter what I do, I'm doing it for your own good."

Seeing that his mother suddenly played the love card with him, Chason couldn't say anything more, but he still said seriously, "after all these years, I made it through without you around." He paused, "so, especially about my wife, I hope you don't worry and don't embarrass her."

Gina's face changed. Was her son suspecting her?

Her nose twitched. "Chason, do you suspect that I did it to kidnap Claire?"

Chason couldn't bear to see his mother like this. Anyway, he was willing to believe his mother, even if he had seen through her ambition and she did everything for the Gu family. But deep inside, they were mother and son. He believed her.

But now he had to doubt all the people who might have hurt Claire, for the sake of proving his innocence.

"I trust you, mom." After a while, he said lightly.

Gina smiled with self-mockery.

As a businesswoman, she was successful. But as a woman, she had failed completely. Her husband passed away, and she had never remarried. Because of some special things, she had to go far away, and now even her son began to suspect her.

"No matter what you think, I just want to say that it's not worth it for that woman."

Looking down at the glass of wine in his hand, he asked, "if she doesn't worth it, is your grandson worth it?"

Gina was rendered speechless.

Obviously, she didn't have a good chat with her son this evening. She also understood that it was getting more and more difficult for her to ask for something for the Gu family.

Unless Rena could marry Chason.

"In mom's eyes, I'm willing to do anything as long as you are fine." Gina said sincerely.

Let her temporarily forget what she wanted in her heart. At this moment, let her stay quietly with her son for a while.

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