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   Chapter 40 What I Am asking Is How She Is.

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The Jiang family would not save her!

If no passerby found out, she would have been in trouble.

But would these kidnappers make such a stupid mistake?

Another decoction would take up to an hour. If no one had come to her rescue within an hour, then her child would......

No, she had to hold on. Child, yes, her unborn child.

When she just knew the existence of this child, she knew clearly how much she hated it. But as the baby grew up in her belly, perhaps out of natural instinct, she had an unprecedented courage now!

She wanted to protect the child!

Hold on, Claire.

Even though the effect of the medicine was still there, making her somewhat dizzy, Claire refused to close her eyes. Any movement outside could arouse her hope.

As long as she didn't give up hope, there would be someone to save her, wouldn't there?

But her hope fell into disappointment again and again.

Seeing that the man took the second decocted medicine, Claire had no strength at all. She closed her eyes in despair and said, "I'm sorry, baby. Your father doesn't want you, and I can't protect you. Perhaps, your arrival would have been wrong. I'm sorry! "


Then a loud shout came from the door, "don't move."

Then, Claire, who was extremely weak, tried to open her eyes. The next second, she felt an extremely warm embrace around her.

Someone came to save her. Who was it? Before she could see the figure in front of her clearly, and fainted.

"Claire, Claire!" Sweat trickled down Chason's forehead as he hugged the woman in front of him tightly. His eyes were red and he roared, "go to the hospital!"

He had been looking for her the whole night, and all the police forces in J City had been dispatched, but they still didn't find her until this time.

That night, for the first time, Chason found that there were some things that he could do nothing about.

"How's it going, doctor?" It was the hospital owned by the Jiang Group. Last time he came here was to pick up Claire from the hospital. This time, he sent Claire to the emergency room.

The doctor said in panic, "Mr. Chason, Mrs. Claire is in a bad condition and has signs of miscarriage She might lose her baby. "

"I'm asking about her!" Chason almost yelled at the doctor.

Larry, who had been working for Mr. Chason for so many years, had never seen him lose control like this. Realizing that he was behaving inappropriately, Chason lowered his voice slightly and said in a firm tone, "I don't care about the baby now, but I don't want any accident to happen to the adult."

"Nonsense." An old voice came from behind, "what are you talking about, Chason?" It was Jarred.

Early in the morning, he heard that Claire was kidnapped. He was worried about his great grandson, so he rushed to the hospital.

Seeing that it was his grandfather, Chason softened his face and said, "grandfather, please go back. I'm good enough here."

Jarred sighe


"Grandpa, Claire is weak. Please don't ask her now. I will investigate who kidnap her. " Chason said indifferently. He considerately tucked Claire in and reached out to touch her forehead, but she still dodged.

Huh. This man really made her sick.

After saying a few words, Jarred turned around and left the ward. There were only the two of them in the big and luxurious ward.

He tried to say something, but stopped when he saw Claire's cold face. After a while, he took out a box of cherries and picked one carefully, "Claire, eat something. This is your favorite. "

She still didn't have much strength, but her eyes were a little fierce. "Chason, your grandfather has left. There is no need for you to act, okay?"

Chason's body was obviously stiff. He had never seen Claire being so resistant to him. He frowned, but still persuaded, "it's my fault. You are still pregnant. Don't be angry."

"Chason, there is no outsider here. You don't have to pretend." She sneered, "are you worried about me or my child? You don't want this baby, do you? "

The woman's cold words came into his ears. He was stunned for a while and then replied, "Claire, what are you talking about? "

"Chason, you don't want this child, but in order to maintain the reputation of the successor of the Jiang family, you married me and pretended to be good to me. At the same time, you used insidious and dirty means to send people to kill my child." She glared at the man in front of her.

For countless times, she really believed that he was good to her. However, it turned out that the former Fiona, the later Lucas, and now Chason. They were all the same kind of people who were knowingly nice to her and turned their backs on her and found ways to harm her.

Unfortunately, it was too late for her to understand. She almost got herself and her child killed.

But she would never do that again. She wouldn't let these people hurt her like this again.

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