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   Chapter 39 Despair

Crisis Of Lust By Ling Chu Characters: 10142

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In an ordinary house in the western suburbs, Rena squinted at the woman who was tied tightly by the rope.

She stared at her quietly for a while, and the coldness at the corners of her mouth became thicker and thicker. She felt a little angry in her heart. "This woman, no matter how I look, she looks very ordinary. Why? I'm better than her in everything. Why did Chason choose her? "

But it didn't matter now. She, Rena, had carefully planned the kidnapping. Although with Chason's ability, he would definitely be able to check this place out in the end, but she was looking for a professional, so it was still quite a while before he could find this place. And in this period of time, it was enough for her to do anything she wanted to do.

For example, killing Claire's child!

"Miss Rena, do you want to drug her now?" A man asked cautiously.

Taking a look at the drug in his hand, which was enough to kill Claire's child and everything about her, Rena ordered, "wake her up. "

Rena's hand, which took the medicine, trembled slightly. Although she hated Claire very much, this kind of thing that hurt people's lives was really a first.

The man quickly took a basin of cold water and was about to pour it on her.

"Wait!" Somehow, Rena stopped him all of a sudden.

No, although she really wanted to solve this problem by herself, after all, the Jiang family was protecting Claire now. She couldn't let Claire and others know that she had done it.

All of a sudden, she sneered, leaned over to the man, lowered her head and said, "I'm leaving. Remember what I told you. You must immediately solve the problem in her belly." Then she handed out a card and said, "this is a bonus for extra project. "

As soon as Rena left, the man ordered his subordinates to keep an eye on the door. Then he picked up the water in his hand again and poured it on Claire.

The man looked ferociously at the woman on the ground. That woman was really fierce.

In a daze, the woman lying on the ground unconsciously shivered.

Although the feeling of dizziness was still very strong, Claire woke up in a cold and piercing feeling. She tried to open her eyes, and the man's face in front of her slowly became clear.

"Who are you?" Perhaps the knockout drops hadn't completely receded, she had an unreal feeling and her voice was very weak.

The man in front of her slowly bent down and patted her face. The pain woke Claire up in an instant. "Where am I? Who are you? What...... What are you doing? "

The strange man in front of her, the strange environment, and the rope on her body, made the current situation obvious.

She was kidnapped!

Generally speaking, people who were kidnapped would either ask for money or kill people.

What were they doing this for? Was it for money? If that was the case, as long as Chason paid, she should be able to go out safely.

But...... But when she thought that she was just driven out of the car by that man and his attitude towards her was so bad, would he come to save h

vidence that it was Chason who did it? " Maybe he was an enemy of Chason, so it was not impossible to frame him.

This woman! The man's face darkened. Suddenly, he took out his phone and played a record. "Help me deal with the child. I can give you money as much as you like. "

It was the voice of Chason.

It was really him!

Claire collapsed to the ground. How could he be so tired of this child?

She shouldn't have married him. Even if she didn't have money, she could work hard to raise the child!

No, even if Chason wanted to hurt her, she couldn't let him succeed.

"I don't care what he will do. But if you hurt the child a little, do you think Mr. Jarred will let you go? Do you think that Chason will protect you then? " Claire hid her panic and despair. She must protect her child well today.

However, how could she contend against Chason, a conniving man? She had no choice but to stall for time. By dawn, there would be passers-by nearby to save her.

Seeing that Claire was not as he thought, the man didn't want to talk to her anymore. He asked his subordinates to drug her.

The medicine for miscarriage was specially chosen. Rena was worried that people would suspect her if she bought the prescribed medicine, so she went to a remote clinic to prescribe a set of medicine with the effect of miscarriage.

Two man held Claire's hands, while the other one pulled her mouth and poured medicine into her mouth.

The bitter medicine juice fell into Claire's mouth from the bowl. She bit a man beside her with all her strength.

The man screamed in pain and subconsciously put down his hand. The next second, she knocked down the medicine with great strength, and the bowl fell to the ground. With a crisp sound, blood dripped down from her forehead.

"Clap!" He slapped Claire, "bitch." The man cursed and looked at the medicine on the ground.

Another man beside him asked cautiously, "Wade, what should we do? "

"Make another one." He paused and said, "keep an eye on her."

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