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   Chapter 35 Alienation

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"Thank you." She seemed to have made up her mind to send Gina away and whispered to Chason.

When her self-esteem was about to be gone, Chason helped her out. No matter how much she hated this man in the past, she was still very grateful to him now.

She thought about it carefully. She had known him for months. In fact, he had helped her a lot.

For whatever reason, she was grateful to him now.

He raised his eyebrows and took off his shirt, revealing his bronze skin, which was very attractive. "Didn't you say anything else except thank you?"

She looked up at him, but finally fell silent.

Chason caressed her cheek and said, "don't you have anything to ask about my mother?" He, Gina and the past. Chason thought and sighed.

Hearing that, Claire was stunned and shook her head. To be honest, she wasn't interested and didn't think he would tell her. After all, they were just a contractual couple. There was no need for her to pay attention to the secret of his family.

"I mean what I said tonight." He looked at her, and was never more serious.

He didn't know since when he no longer hated the woman in front of him. Gradually, he didn't know why. When he saw that Claire was bullied, he couldn't help but stand out to protect her; when he saw her singing the prenatal music softly, he inexplicably had a sense of belonging that he had never had before; even some habits that he hated very much, seemed suddenly lose principles on her.

At first, he thought he was acting, but now, he denied this idea more and more.

What happened?

Claire panicked for a while and said, "in fact, you don't have to..."

"Don't have to what?" Chason was so close to her that his warm breath sprayed gently on her face, which made her blush.

Perhaps because of the panic, she blurted out without thinking, "you don't have to hide it from me about your mother. We are a contractual couple. I will abide by the contract as you wish. "

The warmth in his eyes disappeared in an instant, replaced by infinite anger. "Claire! " He pinched her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. Although he had an inexplicable rejection of Gina, this was the first time he had argued with his mother for a woman, and also the first time he wanted to protect a woman, but this woman did not appreciate it at all. "Say it again! "

"I...... ." Chason made her feel a pain. She tried hard to break away from his grip, but she didn't expect him to hold her more tightly. "Let go of me."

He looked at her fiercely, "what did you say to her just now?" If he was not wrong, he was afraid that this wo

! "What are you doing?"

She sneered, "Chason, stop your acting. There is no one else here. Don't play anymore. If you can't do according to the contract and leave me alone, I'll leave the Jiang family now. The child has nothing to do with you. "

"How dare you!" Chason hit the table with his fist, and the pieces of glass clamped into his palm, which instantly turning scarlet.

Lina, who heard the noise and rushed over, said anxiously, "Mr. Chason, you are bleeding. Hurry up and bandage it."

He grabbed his coat and strode out of the villa angrily, ignoring the wound in his hand.

"Mrs. Claire, what's wrong with you and Mr. Chason? This breakfast was made by Mr. Chason himself. " Lina looked at her with concern.

She was stunned. How could he cook by himself? The next second, the corners of her mouth were full of ridicule. Who did she think she was? Chason humiliated her and then fed her breakfast to coax her? She was not his puppet!

"Lina, I won't take any etiquette class from today on." Claire didn't want to please anyone anymore. Now she was going to do what she liked.

Lina looked at her in surprise and asked, "Mrs. Claire, where are you going?"

"I'm going to the library. Don't follow me. " Said Claire. She didn't want to have breakfast anymore, so she freshened up and went out.

Lina was worried about her and arranged two bodyguards to follow her secretly.

"These two kids." Lina sighed.

Claire borrowed a lot of painting and design books and bought a lot of drawing tools. During this period of time, she must pick up the dream of the past. She used to listen to her father and give up these things. Now, neither Chason nor her baby would stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

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