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   Chapter 34 Unexpected Mother-in-law

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For the next few days, they acted as if nothing had happened and no one spoke of Rena.

"Mrs. Claire, Mr. Chason is so kind to you." While stirring the soup for Claire, Lina said with a smile, "these clothes are all maternity clothes ordered by Mr. Chason."

Indeed, if one didn't look carefully, it was hard to tell that it was maternity clothes. It was pretty.

There was a hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth that even she hadn't noticed. It was true that Chason was good to her. She didn't ask for anything else now. She just hoped that the child would be born safely. As the child grew up alone day by day, her maternal nature had become more and more obvious.

There was a knock on the door, and then the Butler exclaimed, "Mrs Gina."

Claire and Lina stopped what they were doing and looked out of the door.

A middle-aged woman of extraordinary temperament and elegant dress came in, and behind her a young woman dressed as a servant, carrying a pile of luggage for her.

Although she was in her middle age, Claire could tell that she was a very beautiful woman.

She stood up in a daze. The butler said in a panic, "Mrs Claire, this is Mr. Chason's mother."

Chason's mother?

Claire felt dizzy and greeted, "hello, mum."

"Are you Claire?" His mother's name was Gina. She glanced at the crowd and said, "I have something to talk with Miss Claire alone. You can leave now. "

What happened to Chason? He had never told her about his family for so long. She didn't know what was going on with his parents. Now his mother suddenly appeared, and the most important thing was that he was not at home yet!

Claire controlled her anger and said with a smile, "Lina, go get a cup of tea for mum. "

"No, thanks." Gina looked at her up and down and said, "I came back from America and was here as soon as I got off the plane. "

Was it a sudden attack? Claire smiled awkwardly, "I didn't know mum that you would come back, so I didn't greet you..."

"All right." Gina interrupted her, "don't call me mum, call me Mrs. Jiang. Claire, has Chason ever mentioned me to you? "

Claire was a little embarrassed. She really didn't know anything about his mother.

Seeing Claire's expression, Gina understood, "you are nothing more than a lowly woman who has accidentally climbed into my son's bed and is not even qualified to know who his mother is."

Looking at this woman's aggressive look in front of her, Claire's face went pale, but she didn't know what to say. Unlike Rena, no matter how aggrieved she was, she couldn't fight back Gina as she did to Rena.

It was not that she didn't dare, but that she really had no way to refute what Gina said.

"A few months ago, I received an email from Chason's grandfather. And the reason why I didn't come back to your wedding was that I knew it was just a show. I didn't want to see my son acting, so I didn't want to come back at all. "

Claire couldn't stand it anymore. She said firmly, "Mrs. Jiang, whether you accept me or not, what happened between me and Chason was something we both agreed. I have never forced him."

Gina sneered, "you can fool Rena. Can you fool me? I'm his biological mother! "

After a pause, she continued, "Chason's grandfather insists to keep your baby. But I do

You don't believe your own mother? "

"It's okay, Chason. I'll listen to mum. " Even a fool could see that the relationship between the two was not good. She'd better end the conversation between the two as soon as possible.

Chason felt a little helpless. Seeing that Jarred agreed and pulled him away, he took a look at the two and followed his grandfather out.

"Mrs. Jiang." Before Gina said anything, Claire spoke first. She was touched by Chason's words, but she didn't want his mother to misunderstand her. Once she was involved in this, it would be too difficult for her to get rid of it in the future. "Since you know about the contract, you don't have to worry about it."

Gina was surprised and sneered, "contract? Claire, you can really play tricks. But let me tell you, even if my son is not close to me, he is still my son. Do you think you can marry a rich man just because you are pregnant? "

For the sake of the Gu family and her son, Gina would never tolerate Claire.

What tricks? It seemed that his mother misunderstood her deeply. Claire shook her head, "I will act according to the contract. " Never mind. She didn't want to meddle in their dispute. She just wanted to get rid of it after giving birth to the baby.

Seeing that she was so determined, Gina lowered her eyes and said, "I hope you can remember what you have said. " She paused and continued, "I know you were born in a civilian family, so you don't understand the life of this rich family. It was not easy to be a lady of a rich family. As a man of high status, Chason has a lot of women around him. You should tolerate him, not be jealous. "

Although Gina's words were implicit, she understood what she meant. This woman was probably referring to the case of Rena. Rena had just been sent back home for a few days, but she could let Gina fly back from abroad. If it was simply worrying about her son, then she and Chason had been married for so long, Gina would have returned long ago.

She smiled bitterly and nodded at Gina. To be honest, she, Claire, was lucky that she was not the real wife of Chason. Otherwise, with her temper, she really couldn't tolerate and be magnanimous.

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