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   Chapter 33 No Show

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In the past, Rena only dared to laugh at Claire's background. But now, when she learned from Lisa that Claire and Chason were just contractual couples, she became more unscrupulous.

As long as she could put up with it for a few months and when Claire gave birth to the baby, Chason would definitely divorce. At that time, she would generously accept Claire's child and let her aunt, Chason's mother, intercede for her. Slowly, she would be able to marry Chason.

However, she had to wait for at least a year after Claire gave birth to the baby. Moreover, she knew very well that it was easy for a man to be kind to a woman because of a child, especially a responsible man like Chason.

She had to seize the opportunity to take the initiative.

"Bang!" The coffee cup in Rena's hand fell to the ground in an instant, and the hot coffee splashed all over the ground.

Claire frowned and looked at the woman in front of her indifferently.

Rena looked at her in pain, "sister-in-law, what are you doing"

Obviously, she did it on purpose. A sneer appeared at the corners of her mouth. Since James was not here today, why couldn't Rena wait to put on a show? For whom?

Seeing that Claire didn't say anything, Rena said harshly, "sister-in-law, don't you like me? After all, I'm also Chason's cousin. If you do this, he will be unhappy. "

Claire had a headache. She didn't care about the sarcasm on Rena's face. It was obvious that Rena was going to put on a show, and she was really a little angry.

Never mind. She was pregnant now, and she had to put the baby first. The best way to deal with Rena's provocation was to ignore her. She glanced at Rena indifferently and walked past the pieces of the coffee cups.

"Stop!" After all, Rena couldn't keep calm anymore. The indifferent expression on Claire's face was full of disdain, which made Rena feel greatly frustrated. "Apologize to me." She pulled Claire back.

Claire, who had been tolerating all the time, suddenly felt an unprecedented anger.

What else did Rena want she do to? She had already let her wander around in front of her. Even if she and Chason were not a real couple, at least in the eyes of the public, they didn't think so.

Claire shook off her hand fiercely and said, "since your brother is not here, who are you doing the play for now?"

"You!" Rena shouted angrily, not like a daughter of a famous family as usual. "Claire, I'm afraid you're the best at acting, aren't you? " At this time, Rena was stabbed in the sore spot by Claire, so she roared unconcernedly.

She glanced at her with disdain and asked, "what kind of play do I need to do?"

Rena sneered, she could no longer hold back her anger. "Claire, do you think you can always be the wife of Chason as long as you are pregnant with the child of him? You just a tool to give birth to a baby. Why are you so proud? After you give birth to the baby, do you think the Jiang family can still tolerate you with your ability? It's just a contractual marriage between you


She shook her head. She couldn't wait to see Rena leave. However, based on Rena's character, she would definitely come after her in the future. "Don't you worry that Rena will talk nonsense after she goes back? "

After all, it was their common obligation to maintain the contractual marriage.

He smiled again, "what? Are you so afraid that you can no longer be my wife? "

Claire glared at him. This man's brain structure was really different from others! She was so worried that he was still in the mood to joke with her. "Be serious."

"Just tell me. What evidence does she have?" He paused and continued, "even if our contract is known by everyone, as long as I don't admit it, as long as you are my wife, who can do anything to you?"

She avoided eye contact with Chason and avoided the strange emotion in his eyes. Recently, there were some inexplicable feelings flowing between the two of them.

Chason suddenly stood up and straightened her body, "Claire, remember, you don't need to please anyone. I'll always be with you."

In his eyes, she was wearing a floral dress. At this time, she looked like a school student without any makeup. She stared at him with her innocent eyes wide open. In the past, Chason had never thought that Claire was so beautiful, just because she was not good at dressing up. Only now did he find that her delicate features and fair skin were something that those women with heavy makeup outside would never have.

She must be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen without makeup.

Claire was made uncomfortable by his burning eyes. She smiled awkwardly and said, "well, I have etiquette class to attend. I'm leaving now."

She quickly went back to her room to change her clothes, and then quickly got on the car. It was not until she sat in the car for a long time that her heart beat slowly.

Chason, the Great Demon! The way he tortured her was really unusual. He was just a little more gentle, but she was out of breath.

The evildoer!

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