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   Chapter 31 Rena's Revenge

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"Why did it take you so long?" Claire came out of the bathroom and saw Chason who was waiting for her.

She smiled shyly and followed him out. "It's okay. I'm fine." She paused and said softly, "thank you for today. "

After all, no matter what the reason was, she had to thank Chason for helping her today.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Chason sat in the car and said indifferently, "do you think I want to help you?"

This man!

Forget it. She was framed by Rena and others today, because she was too careless. And there was nothing to complain about. She shook her head slightly and said, "I'll go to the etiquette class grandpa arranged for me. "

Jarred had asked her to attend etiquette classes and fetal education class several times before. At that time, although she agreed not to go to work, she refused to go again after a etiquette class. Instead, she drew oil paintings at home every day. But today, she made a fool of herself in public, it would be no good thing to disobey Jarred's suggestion again.

"You agree to go to the etiquette class?" Chason frowned and stared at her blankly.

Claire looked out of the window and nodded without hesitation, "yes."

This woman! She had tried every means to refuse to have a class before, but now she took the initiative to learn these things?

"You, you don't have to do what you don't want to do for what happened today." After a long while, Chason said slowly. In fact, he didn't care about it at all. The woman he married had nothing to do with others.

And these people were his so-called family members. Those relatives! A cold light flashed across his eyes.

She looked at Chason in surprise. She really couldn't figure out what he was thinking. "I'm not do this because of today. Grandpa is right. No matter how long should I stay in the Jiang family. Even if one day, I have to do something for being Mrs. Jiang. "

Chason didn't say anything, and the car instantly returned to silence. The two of them returned to the villa with a preoccupied look.

"You can sleep alone from now on." As soon as they got back to the villa, the first word that Chason said was that she could sleep alone in the future.

It took Claire a long time to realize what he just said. Why did he refuse to leave as she asked before?

She nodded awkwardly and saw that Chason left the room while picking up something.

"Claire, do you really want to get rid of being my wife?" With his back to her, he suddenly said.

What? What did he mean?

Without waiting for Claire to reply, he had walked out of the bedroom.

The Great Demon seemed to be in a bad mood. Was it because she embarrassed him in public tonight? Otherwise, why didn't he sleep in this room?

'Wait, Claire, what are you thinking about? Isn't it a pleasant thing? Do you want to sleep in the

ed his eyes cleverly. "I...... Don't you always say that I'm not a normal woman? Only normal women would like you, Mr. Chason. "

Chason's face turned cold. He stood up and said, "get up quickly. The guests will come soon."

She stuck out her tongue at his back. It wouldn't be easy for her to live a stable life in a few days. She finally got rid of those things about Fiona, and now there came a woman who was one hundred times better at acting than Fiona.


With one hand clenching her fist and the other touching her belly, she said gently, "baby, I won't let anyone bully me for you. "

Yes, she was not alone now. Although Chason didn't show his attitude towards Rena, even if he didn't like her, Rena was still his cousin. They had been together for more than twenty years, and no matter what, was better than them.

After all, she knew clearly how helpless it was for Chason to marry her.

While she was thinking about this, she heard a burst of laughter downstairs. It might be that Rena had arrived.

She came so fast. Claire smiled bitterly and stood up slowly. What should come would come. She was going to welcome all this now.

"Chason, I'm coming to your house to bother you when I'm studying design here. Don't think I'm annoying," Standing on the stairs, Claire could see from a long distance that Rena was still dressed in luxury clothes.

Obviously, at this moment, Rena also saw her. "Sister-in-law." With a sweet smile on her face, Rena looked totally different from yesterday.

Claire smiled as a greeting. She really couldn't put on a good face like an actor. In terms of acting skills, she couldn't compare with Rena even if she trained for a hundred years.

"Sister-in-law, I'm going to disturb the two of you. Please don't mind. " Rena still smiled innocently.

He glanced at Claire, and said to Lina, "take Miss Rena to the room."

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