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   Chapter 30 Make Her Look Like A Fool

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Claire hugged herself for warmth as the wind billowed strongly on the deck.

The sea not far away was indeed beautiful and serene. As she feasted at the stunning scenery with her eyes, she couldn't help but heave a deep sigh. Claire had only heard about this place, but she never thought she'd really visit it one day. But now that she was finally here, why was she not feeling happy at all?

A seagull quickly flew past the ferry. Claire reached out her hand, and a faint smile etched on her lips. It didn't matter even though members of the Jiang family laughed at her. She didn't belong to that circle anyway. So, there was no need to snap back at them and stoop down to their level. And since it was hopeless to try and explain to them, she might as well take this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

As she thought of this, Claire's troubles were instantly swept away. She outstretched her arms and closed her eyes, ready to embrace the wind. Little did she know, someone behind had been silently watching her for a while now.

A gust of wind suddenly blew, and Claire couldn't help but shiver. She opened her eyes and turned around, meeting Chason's piercing eyes.

"Why are you here?" they both asked in unison.

This inexplicable tacit understanding made Claire burst into laughter. "It's stuffy inside. I just wanted some fresh air."

Keeping his eyes at her, Chason stepped closer while the sea breeze continued blowing Claire's hair. A tinge of inexplicable emotion suddenly filled his heart.

Seeing that he seemed to be absent-minded, Claire pouted and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Chason regained his calm expression, took off his coat, and put it on her shoulder. "It's so windy out here."

Claire couldn't explain, but an unfamiliar warmth suddenly embraced her heart. When she was about to say something, she saw Rena walking towards them. With an obvious trace of hatred in the latter's eyes, she called, "Chason." Rena didn't even acknowledge Claire's presence and instead just paid all her attention to Chason.

"Rena," Chason uttered, revealing a rare smile.

"Chason! I haven't seen you in a while! I miss you so much." Rena continued to ignore Claire and acted like a spoiled child as if no one was around. However, after a while, she paused and glanced at Claire complacently. "Chason, your grandpa is looking for you. Let's go." Then, shifting her gaze back at Chason, she clung to him with her hands tightly holding his forearm.

Who on earth was this Rena? Her surname was not Jiang, but she called Chason so closely. Moreover, she was invited to this party. Who was she?

Obviously, Rena was a family to Chason. The woman didn't take her seriously, just like those not directly related to the Jiang family. At this thought, Claire's heart sank. It seemed that something would happen tonight.

But she would not accept this without a fight. So, grinning, Claire suddenly grabbed Chason's arm and sweetly said, "I'll go see Grandpa with you."

Both Chason and Rena were stunned. The former looked at Claire in surprise and smiled knowingly as he replied, "Let's go."

Meanwhile, Rena, whose face was painted with so much animosity, followed them.

'I'm sorry, you brute. In order not to make myself look like a fool, I have to pretend to be your loving wife.' After all, as long as everyone thought that Chason really loved her, no one would dare to do anything to her.

Thinking of this, Claire walked to Jarred with her head up high.

The old man sat in the most distinguished seat in the cabin, next to a group of direct descendants of the Jiang family. Claire greeted them one by one with Chason. "This is Claire, my granddaughter in law," Jarred introduced her to the crowd.

Unlike when they were in the hall just now, all the people congratulated Chason on his wedding.

"Chason, Claire, propose a toast to your uncles and aunts," Jarred suggested. A wide smile was plastered on his face. Obviously, the patriarch was in an extremely good mood.

Chason grabbed a glass of red wine and said, "Claire is pregnant right now, and she can't drink. So, I'm afraid I'll have to do the toast by myself."

"Chason, you are so protective of my sister-in-law." A flicker of viciousness flashed in Rena's eyes, but she laughed and joined the teasing. "Sister-in-law can't drink, but she can have juice, right, Grandpa Jarred?"

Laughing, the old man replied, "You're right. According to our tradition, our new daughter-in-law should propose a toast to everyone. Claire, you can just drink the juice."

"Here." As soon as Jarred finished his words, Nannie came over with a glass of juice.

Claire took the glass and thanked the girl in a low voice. Then she raised her glass to the elders with Chason beside her, and gulped the juice, rendering the cabin instantly quiet.

The next seconds, Claire spat out a mouthful of juice and forcibly knelt on the ground, coughing and vomiting hard.

"Claire, are you okay?" Under the gaze of the crowd, Rena suddenly squatted down and helped her up while patting her back considerately.

It took Claire a long time to recover. That glass of juice! It tasted strange! What was in that juice that made her vomit like that?


She raised her head and took a look at Nannie, who handed her the juice. The girl was lowering her head, o

bviously avoiding her gaze.

Claire gazed at Rena, who was holding her, before shifting her eyes at Chason with guilt. "I'm sorry," she uttered apologetically, already expecting Chason to scold her for being so careless.

Without waiting for Chason to answer, his second aunt Alice interrupted with a sneer. "I heard that Miss Lin was from a civilian family. Darling, since you've married into the Jiang family, there is still a lot for you to learn."

It was highly evident that Chason's relatives didn't think highly of Claire. In fact, even her mistake just a while ago seemed like a great show to them.

"Yeah, I didn't expect that Chason would be this fascinated with her. He insisted on marrying Miss Lin even amidst her family background. Miss Lin, you're one lucky woman!" another aunt echoed. Although those words sounded like praises, deep down, Claire knew what they really meant. They were not wishing her good fortune but were, in fact, silently praying for her doom.

"It's not a big deal. Claire is pregnant with flesh and blood of our Jiang family. Come on, let's forget about it and continue celebrating!"

"Aunts, Claire is already part of our family. You don't have to call her Miss Lin anymore. Just Claire will do." Chason, who had been silent all this time, finally managed to speak. He glanced at the crowd with intense eyes before adding, "Claire is pregnant. It's normal for her to get sick easily. You all know that." After that, he pulled Claire to a seat.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Jiang family was rendered silent. After all, it was Chason who had spoken. As someone respected by his entire family, he really had that effect on them.

Claire raised her head in surprise and gazed at him.

Although he looked indifferent and stiff, she was moved by his words.

The banquet was carpeted with a variety of cuisines. But after what happened just now, Claire didn't have the appetite to eat. And while the others were feasting on the meals, she could sense the awkwardness and intensity of the party.

After the family banquet, Claire went to the bathroom. However, on her way, she heard two people whispering to each other.

"Don't you think Claire really know that we did it?" one of them asked in a sobbing tone.

Although the other person was trying to lower her voice, her tone was still a bit bossy. "Shut up! Don't you ever mention this again."

"But... But I'm still afraid." At this moment, Claire realized that it was Nannie, and the other one, of course, was Rena.

"You useless thing! I'm sure Claire wouldn't find any evidence even if she knew. Besides, what are you afraid of? It's not like we poisoned her! We just mixed some salt in the juice."

Upon hearing Rena talk, Claire realized that they made her look like a fool in front of everyone!

"Rena, I know you like Chason, but now he's already married to Claire. You need to stop thinking about him now," Nannie begged cautiously.

The next second, Rena slapped Nannie hard on her face—much to Claire's surprise. "Nannie, let me tell you again. You are just an adopted daughter of the He family, while I'm the biological daughter! If I'm as useless as you, I wouldn't deserve to be born in our family!"

Nannie sobbed in a low voice, not daring to say anything out of fear.

"So, I just added a few spoonsful of salt. Now what? Are you going to rat on me?" As Rena spoke, she opened the door of the bathroom and walked out.

Frantically, Claire turned around to avoid being seen.

And as she faced the cold walls of the yacht, Claire felt a tinge of pain covering her heart. Rena obviously hated her for being Chason's wife. Her animosity seemed to be so deep that she even plotted against her today!

Claire really didn't know who Rena and her sister were and why she had to do it to her just because of Chason. What did the He family have to do with the Jiang family?

Claire shook her head. She had a hunch that she would have some problems with Rena in the future. Whatever happened, she would try her best to stay away from these people and keep her baby safe.

"Oh! Claire." A soft voice suddenly came from behind.

Claire turned around and saw Nannie's delicate face smiling at her. She didn't expect to run into her after dodging Rena.

"How long have you been here?" Nannie asked with an evident hint of panic in her voice.

Would Nannie kill her if she were to say she heard everything? "C-Can't I be here?" Claire instead asked, breaking into a cold sweat.

"Did you hear what we talked about? Oh, God! Please don't tell anyone else. My sister and I will never dare to do that again. I promise!" Nannie begged, grabbing Claire's arm tightly.

Wouldn't dare to do it again? Why did Claire felt that Rena was not going to stop at all?

Gently pushing Nannie away, Claire said, "I won't tell anyone else. But you have to promise me that you won't tell your sister that I heard your conversation." At this point, Claire had no choice but to trust Nannie, afraid that if Rena were to learn about it, the latter wouldn't stop making her life a living hell.

From now on, she would be on guard against Rena while keeping mum about everything.

After all, what was the point of telling anyone? No one in the Jiang family really cared about her. Not even Chason or Jarred. All they cared about was the baby in her womb.

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